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A Few Helpful Tips For Fall Home Design

Written By:
Published: 10-08-2015

For most homeowners, fall is a time for performing routine maintenance like sealing up drafty windows and tuning the furnace or HVAC system.

It's also a great time to give your home's interior a refresh in the looks department. You needn't spend a lot of money or expend a lot of effort to greatly improve aesthetics if you pick your projects wisely.

Here are just a few superior interior design ideas for fall.

Upgrade Your Mudroom Furnishings

Besides being supremely functional, a foyer or mudroom can be used to greatly enhance a house's appeal.

Install a few wall-mounted brass or wrought iron coat hooks for starters to create a rustic, inviting feel. Modular cubbies and storage benches are another great way to save space and make outdoor gear organization easier.

Decorate the walls with a few pieces of Americana to personalize the space.

Throw Down a few Quality Rugs

Rugs make any home warmer and more inviting regardless of your decor. Even if your floors are a mix of hardwood, tile, slate and linoleum, there are a slew of options to choose from.

Persian rugs confer a dignified look in any room while knitted models exude folksy charm. Pick dark colors for rooms that receive a lot of foot traffic to minimize stains.

Spruce Up Window Adornments

One of the simplest ways to radically alter the vibe of a home's interior space is by playing around with window accessories. Drapes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics to satisfy even the pickiest customers.

The great news is that the drapes are just the beginning. You can further customize any window with an array of rods, finials and holdbacks made from dozens of different materials.

Revamp Kitchen & Bathroom Fixtures

Thanks to constant usage and the debilitating effects of water damage, sink fixtures tend to wear out quickly. Swapping out generic fixtures for something a bit more versatile and eye-catching is a fairly inexpensive redesign move.

Antique copper sink fixtures look amazing in any scenario and are easy to install. Stainless steel models are equally popular and strike a nice balance between classic and contemporary design aesthetics.

Diversify Your Lighting Options

Few redesign projects have as dramatic an effect on a home's atmosphere as a lighting upgrade. If you're happy with your existing fixtures, you can try out a few different bulb options such as compact fluorescent, halogen or LED.

Once you have the right bulbs in place, you can play around with shade options. If you want to go all out, you can experiment with recessed wall or floor fixtures.

There Are No "Right" Answers in Home Design

As much fun as interior design overhauls can be, they tend to spiral out of control and become a hassle if you overthink the small stuff.

Don't sweat the details and succumb to option paralysis. Go with your gut and do whatever feels right at the time. The fall redesigns mentioned here can be reversed pretty easily if you change your mind later.

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