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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Adding Or Removing Carriers

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide


The topics covered in this Appendix really don’t fit anywhere within our previous sections and address specific questions or concerns that are frequently raised by shoppers when considering a Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod or Decorative Traverse Rod. Some of these issues deal with fabric (curtain) related issues and should really be addressed with your drapery maker or seamstress. Others touch on technical installation or modification issues which really should be directed to your professional drapery installer.

Some of the guides, advice, or instructions may not be correct for your specific situation or for your fabric. That’s why we typically defer these questions to your drapery maker or installer. We won’t be able to remake or refund a rod due to variance from the information provided.

Adding Or Removing Carriers On Curtain Rods

Carriers can be added or removed relatively easily for most curtain rods made for pleated draperies. Carriers can’t be adjusted on Ripplefold rods; a complete restring is required.

For many drapery rods, the end pulley will slide off with gentle pressure.

Alter Carriers on Curtain Rods By Sliding Off End Pulley

You may find an end stop washer, screw or nut that must be loosened first on some rod styles.

Curtain Rods with End Stops Must Be Removed

And, the end pulley may be anchored in other areas as well.

The back of the curtain rod may have washers to be loosened
  • Heavy-Duty Curtain Rods Are PRO Products
  • Never use excessive force (or a hammer), to remove an end pulley.
Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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