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Drapery Hardware Knowledge Base

Kirsch Designer Metals curtain rods, guides and articles
Published In: Design Tips
Treating a patio door with curtains can be a difficult task. Especially if you use the area frequently and are continuously in and out of the door. Plus, if you want to close the curtains at night, you'll need an operable treatment. More ofte... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Halloween is upon us once again, and that's when everything is supposed to be scary. Unfortunately, that's a little tricky for us. Drapery rods aren't exactly scary. In fact, some would say that they're downright comforting. Instead, we ... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Fall is upon us once again, and Halloween is just around the corner. Decorating for the season is a holiday tradition for many, and creepy-looking decorations are being put up in homes and yards all over. If you're looking to avoid the mass-m... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
For most homeowners, fall is a time for performing routine maintenance like sealing up drafty windows and tuning the furnace or HVAC system. It's also a great time to give your home's interior a refresh in the looks department. You needn't spen... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Understanding and choosing draperies style for your home can be challenging, but the following styles are some of easiest and most fashion-forward ones out there. Take a look at them to get some great ideas you can really use to make your windows... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
When you're decorating your home, you probably don't want the same old humdrum curtains that everyone else has. Maybe you want to choose something a little unusual and out of the ordinary; yet you probably also want your curtains to be appropriat... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Dorm life is a major rite of passage for most college freshmen, and decorating a dorm room is an ideal way to express who you are and feel more at home. Read on for some tips and ideas for unique and trendy dorm decor ideas. Tweak the Layout M... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Decorating or redecorating a room can seem a formidable task, particularly if you have never attempted it. Although most people know what they like and what they don’t, putting that into a cohesive theme for a room or rooms may seem a Herculean... (Keep Reading)
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