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Drapery Hardware Knowledge Base

Kirsch Designer Metals curtain rods, guides and articles
Published In: Kirsch Drapery Hardware
Over the years, trends in window treatment designs come and go. Wooden style curtain rods have remained popular and are a frequent choice for interior designers and homeowners. But, metal drapery rods and hardware have seen a resurgence in popul... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Kirsch Drapery Hardware
Choosing drapery hardware for bay windows can be confusing. There are many options like standard bay window rods from Kirsch, but decorative drapery rods can easily be configured for use in a bay. Bay windows are a popular design feature found in... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Kirsch Drapery Hardware
Metal drapery rods from Kirsch are available in shades of silver and chrome as well as bronze. Metal drapery hardware is perfect for grommet, tab top and rod pocket style draperies. One of the most popular drapery hardware styles used with tab-to... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Kirsch Drapery Hardware
When choosing Kirsch Drapery Hardware, it's important that the bracket for your curtain rods works well with your window and drapery style. When picking out the components for your curtain hardware, it's only natural to spend a great deal of time ... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Kirsch Drapery Hardware
You can find the exact curtain rods that you need, specifying each and every aspect of construction, with either Kirsch Architrac Rods or Kirsch Estate Rods. Just about every window may have its special group of difficulties in relation to selecti... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Kirsch Drapery Hardware
Considering the Kirsch Wood Trends selection first is a really good decision when you begin your search for drapery hardware. Since Kirsch is one the oldest drapery hardware manufacturers in the United States, it's no surprise that they have one o... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Kirsch Drapery Hardware
With many options, Kirsch Drapery Hardware really stands apart because of their persistence for quality, functionality and design. Keeping at the cutting edge of the home design market is a tough undertaking. As our society evolves and changes, o... (Keep Reading)
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