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Drapery Hardware Knowledge Base

Kirsch Designer Metals curtain rods, guides and articles
Published In: Measure & Install
You’ve just finishing hanging your gorgeous new window treatment and it turns out you have a couple of bags of drapery rings and maybe a bracket or two left over.   Great! You can return them or take them back to the store and put a few do... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
One of the most frequently asked questions that our Customer Service team helps with is creating a bay window treatment using decorative drapery hardware. That's probably because it's not entirely clear from the product collections exactly how ... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
Decorative curtain rods can be the final touch of a room. Metal and wood rods are two of the most commonly chosen options, but it can be difficult trying to figure out which one to go with. Let's compare the two briefly. Wood Curtain Rods Woo... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
When measuring for your new drapery rods you should consider your window size as well as your drapery style. Figuring out what size drapery rod you're going to need for your window treatment is sometimes a little more complicated than just measuri... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
How to guide for trimming drapery hardware to size. Wooden drapery rods and metal curtain rods can be easily cut to size before you install them. When helping home owners and interior decorators choose the best drapery hardware for their home or ... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
Shoppers sometimes make decisions based purely on style and design without taking into consideration the restrictions of their window and installation surface. When it comes to hanging curtain rods, the way to succeed is really great planning befo... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
Metal drapery rods are a terrific option for regular size and light weight drapes. You can install ripplefold, pinch-pleat or grommeted style curtains from most metal drapery rods. Metal style drapery rods are a great choice if you're going after... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
Many times, homeowners delay purchasing their drapery hardware until after they finalize their curtain measurements. But, it's a wise idea to buy and install your drapery hardware before you measure for your curtain. It's a great idea to have you... (Keep Reading)
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