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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Bracket Questions

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide
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  • “The Base Of Those Metal Brackets Is Hideous, Won’t You See Those Ugly Metal Plates And Screws When The Drapery Is Open?”
Bracket covers for heavy-duty curtain rods

The metal brackets used with Heavy-Duty Curtain Rods and Decorative Traverse Rods aren’t decorative, that’s for sure. But, most include a plastic bracket cover. And, the bracket cover can be painted your wall color so it blends in. The bracket covers simply snap over the metal hardware.

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  • “How Many Brackets Do I Need To Buy, And Where Do I Place Them? I Can’t Put One Right At The Very End And The Middle One Won’t Be Dead Center.”
Decorative Kirsch Traverse Rod bracket spacing

You don’t have to worry about how many brackets to buy because we’ll always include the appropriate number for your width, rod and drapery style automatically.

And, you have a great deal of flexibility with bracket placement. Brackets for Heavy-Duty Curtain Rods and Decorative Traverse Rods can be positioned anywhere along the track. You do need to position one as close to the end as possible since there will be more weight where your drapery stacks.

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  • “I Just Opened My Boxes And You Didn’t Send Mounting Screws For The Brackets! Are You Trying To Be Cheapskates By Not Sending Screws?”
Bracket screws are not included with curtain rods for safety reasons

No, we’re not trying to be cheapskates, we just don’t want your treatment to fall down because we sent you the wrong type of screw for your mounting surface. You need wood screws if installing into studs, the properly certified and weight tested hollow-wall anchor (not those plastic push-in ones) for drywall, masonry screws and toggles for block, etc. Visit your local hardware store to find the right screw for your mounting surface.

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  • “The Base Of The Bracket Is Too Long, I Don’t Have Enough Wall Space Above Or Beside The Window, What Do I Do?”
Wall space for mounting curtain rod brackets

You really can’t skimp on brackets. And, the base of the bracket is shaped to provide maximum strength and stability. So, you can’t modify them without weakening your treatment. If you can’t remove the trim from the window, then you’ll have to switch to ceiling mount. Modifying the brackets, or using fewer brackets than recommended is not an option.

Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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