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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Carrier Questions

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide
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  • “How Do I Know How Many Carriers I Need? How Many Come On A Rod? What’s The Standard vs Custom Carriers Section All About Anyhow?”
Carriers for two pleates on the master and one on the end stop for a curtain or traverse rod

Generally, most Heavy-Duty Curtain Rods and Decorative Traverse Rods come with between 3 and 4 carriers per linear foot of rod. That’s what we mean when we say “Standard Number Of Carriers”. And, the standard number of carriers is appropriate for just about every drapery.

While it’s uncommon, you can specify the exact number of carriers you want to have on your rod. That’s what we mean by “Custom Carrier Quantity”.

To determine your carrier quantity, just count the pleats on your drapery. Don’t forget that one pleat will attach to the end stop and, typically, two pleats will attach to the Master. So, your carrier quantity will usually be the number of pleats minus three. But, that formula doesn’t always work. And, if you’re returning your fabric to the wall, depending on your return size, you may need to deduct an additional pleat or two. Using the standard number of carriers is usually your best option.

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  • “I Want The Top Of My Drapery To Cover The Track So You Don’t See It. What Kind Of Carriers Do I Need To Do That?”
Pleater or long-shank pin on hooks used to conceal curtain rod or traverse rod metal track.

Extending the drapery header to conceal the track isn’t a function of the carriers, it’s a function of your drapery and the pins you use to attach the fabric to the carriers. Any carrier that accepts drapery pins will work fine.

Consult with your drapery maker and make sure the drapery is constructed in a way that will allow the use of extended pleater pins or long-shank pin-on hooks.

You can’t cover the track with Ripplefold style draperies.

If you find yourself struggling with custom carrier quantities and pin settings, then you probably have a fairly complex window treatment. The best way to make sure you “get it right” is to order and install your drapery rod first. Once the rod is installed, then you can take the measurements for your draperies. That’s really the only way to ensure everything works out perfectly.
You can’t specify custom carrier quantity for Ripplefold draperies. Ripplefold carrier quantity is always determined by the fullness of your drapery. Your drapery maker should wait until your rod arrives before sewing the snap tape into the header of your drapery to ensure the tape is positioned correctly.
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