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Choosing Drapes For Your Dining Room

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Published: 05-13-2015
Draperies and Drapery Hardware For The Dining Room

The drapes in your dining room should not become an afterthought. You may not use your dining room often, but you are in your dining room often enough to see the effects of the drapes on the room.

You went to great lengths to choose your table, chairs and accessories. You want your china setting to be just so, and your drapes must play a part in making the room sparkle.

There are four tips below that will transform your drapes for drab to fabulous.

Choose A Complementary Color

You cannot choose drapes that are the exact color of everything else in the room. Your windows will not longer be the purveyors of light that they once were, and you will create the appearance of yet another flat wall in the room.

A complementary color will help bring light into the room, and the color will shine when light comes through the window. Be bold when you choose the color of your drapes to ensure that the room glows in the soft light of those new drapes.

Choose The Proper Length

A casual dining room and a formal dining room take on completely different drapes. Your formal dining room must have drapes that reach all the way to the floor. There are cases when the drapes may bunch up on the floor, or you may choose drapes that merely touch the ground.

The long drapes match the formal feeling of the room, but shorter drapes will accommodate a more casual feeling in your dining room. Choose drapes that barely come to the windowsill to provide a more casual look.

Be Bold With Your Pattern

A pattern in your drapes will change the way the room looks considerably. Your walls are likely painted in a flat color, but a pattern in your drapes beings character to the room that you cannot get from your china setting.

Everything in the room is buttoned up, but a pattern on the windows brings a bit of whimsy to the room that would otherwise be extremely serious.

Go Between The Windows

You may place a buffet between the two windows in your dining room. The buffet will sit under a blank wall, but you may extend your drapes over the buffet to decorate the wall.

This is a unique way of decorating your dining room, but it will provide you with a unique look that others do not have. The wall gets its own bit of decoration, and you are bringing more of the pattern and color of the drapes into the room.

Your dining room can be the most exciting room in the house if you use your drapes properly. Shopping for drapes should never be an afterthought when they alter the appearance of the room so much.

You must take a chance that the drapes can transform your dining room for simple to sophisticated. A few feet of fabric can bring the room together in ways that your china and table cannot.

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