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Creating A Drapery Treatment Using Wood Trends From Kirsch Drapery Hardware

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Published: 12-26-2011
Kirsch Wood Trends Drapery Hardware

Considering the Kirsch Wood Trends selection first is a really good decision when you begin your search for drapery hardware.

Since Kirsch is one the oldest drapery hardware manufacturers in the United States, it's no surprise that they have one of the largest selections of products available to interior designers and home owners. About a decade ago, Kirsch introduced their Wood Trends collection of decorative drapery rods, finials, rings and brackets and since that time they have continually refreshed the collection with new and innovative products and finish options. Due to the flexibility and availability of Wood Trends, it truly stands apart in the industry. All popular pole diameters for curtain rods are represented in the collection as well as both contemporary and classic designs. If you're searching for the ideal product to finish your room design, you're sure to find it in this great collection.

Mixing and matching drapery hardware among collections is encouraged in the 1 3-8 inch Kirsch Wood Trends collection.

A general rule of thumb with drapery hardware is to pick out all of your parts from the same vendor and collection. This is still true with Wood Trends, but by bringing in product alternatives from some of Kirsch's matching metal collections, you can have the option to expand your design into other areas too. All 1 3-8 inch Kirsch drapery hardware is built to be compatible with items from across all of their product collections. Using both metal and wood components permits you to create truly unique treatments. For instance, you could use a metal finial on a wood pole for a contemporary look. Or, you might want to make use of one of the alternate media finials with a metal collar on your wooden curtain rods. By developing 1 3-8 inch items that work together, your possible combinations are nearly endless.

Since Kirsch Wood Trends can be found in several popular drapery rod diameters it's easy to maintain a consistent look throughout your office or house.

Although it's suggested that you keep the same diameter curtain rod for each window in the same room, you may have to use different diameters for other windows in your house. To provide you the ability to keep the same design and color, Kirsch drapery rods from Wood Trends are available in all of the popular diameters such as 1 3-8, 2 and 3 inch. A lot of of the finials and accessories are also available in several sizes so keeping your look consistent is simple.

You can bring designer flair to your window design by using Kirsch Wood Trends Urban Comfort and Renaissance.

While the regular Wood Trends line consists of classic finial styles such as the Wood Ball and Acorn, the distinctive designer collections known as Urban Comfort and Renaissance offer either old-world or contemporary styles that have two-toned decorator finishes. These two choices are perfect if you need an upscale look on a budget. And, each collection has corresponding brackets and rings so you're covered no matter what style treatment you choose.

It's always a great idea to start your decorative drapery hardware search with the Kirsch drapery hardware. With the wide range of finishes and styles in this collection, you're most likely going to find precisely what you want in this collection very quickly. Plus, you can't do better than Kirsch drapery rods for both price and quality when you take into account their century long reputation of producing the absolute best high end drapery hardware products.
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