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Creating Custom Drapery Hardware By Using Kirsch Curtain Rods And Drapery Rods

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Published: 01-02-2012
Kirsch Buckingham Estate Ultra Drapery Hardware

You can find the exact curtain rods that you need, specifying each and every aspect of construction, with either Kirsch Architrac Rods or Kirsch Estate Rods.

Just about every window may have its special group of difficulties in relation to selecting the best suited curtain rods or drapery rods. At times, standard size curtain rods might not exactly work with the window or for your fabric. With these scenarios, a customized drapery hardware option may be the most effective solution.

With regards to producing the best drapery hardware for just about any situation, Kirsch ranks at the top of drapery hardware businesses for both style and quality. Kirsch has been making curtain accessories, rods and drapery hardware for longer than one hundred years and throughout that time, Kirsch has designed a lot of the curtain rod components that you make use of on a daily basis in your home, office or school. To keep up with the newest developments in architecture and interior design, Kirsch is consistently adding new tailor made drapery hardware to meet the requirements of today's homeowners and interior designers.

Estate Rods made by Kirsch present you with the feel and look of decorative drapery rods with all the features of standard corded traverse curtain rods.

Most prospective consumers do not know that a traditional decorative metal or wood pole with rings is probably not the best option if they would like to close and open their drapes often. Decorative drapery hardware is similar to a Christmas Tree, it's meant to stay in one place and look pretty. It's actually not supposed to be opened and closed. Closing and opening draperies regularly is a great job for a traditional white traversing curtain rod, but regular curtain rods are certainly not very attractive.

To achieve the timeless decorative metal pole or wood rod look with all of the performance of a standard traversing curtain rod, use a Kirsch Estate Rod. The made to order Estate Rods from Kirsch offer you the feel of a decorative drapery treatment but have heavy duty drapery cords and carriers so that you can open and shut your drapes with ease. Kirsch curtain rods can be produced using your precise technical specs for either pinch-pleat or ripplefold style curtains. And, if you'd like the design of decorative rings, you may have your custom drapery rods created using decorative faux rings that should further improve the overall look of the window curtain rod.

Use Kirsch decorative finials to highlight your custom made drapery hardware treatment.

When you use a Kirsch Estate Rod, it is possible to choose from numerous drapery finials to put your personal touch to your custom drapery rod. Ordinarily, these tailor made rods use a 2 inch wide fascia so you're able to add any 2 inch finial from Kirsch. Add a few holdbacks or tiebacks and everyone will think you've got a regular decorative drapery rod.

Drapery rods from Kirsch can be produced in many styles depending on your window and drapery specifications.

For regular drapery rods without a decorative feel, the Kirsch Architrac brand of made to order curtain rods can be manufactured for virtually any style drapery shape and size. As an example, ceiling installed drapery track, also called cubicle track, has become quite popular in both the residential and commercial market segments. Cubicle track is used typically with ripplefold draperies and the easy ceiling mount system is very efficient.

For unusual window lengths or heavy weight draperies, you might have your drapery Rod tailor made with ball bearing style Carriers. These high quality drapery carriers will make sure that your curtain will close and open easily. And, you will probably be surprised at how cost effective custom drapery hardware can be.
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