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Parts And Accessories For Curtain Rods

Parts and Accessories for curtain rods are made specifically to fit rods within their own brand and collection. Before buy a part, make sure you know the manufacturer and name or item number of your curtain rod. Parts are not interchangeable. 

Brackets, Supports And Accessories For Curtain Rods

Probably the most important thing to consider when browsing for parts for your curtain rod is that all parts are designed to work with a specific model of curtain rod. If the rod your searching for a part for isn't made by one of our manufacturers, then our parts are not going to fit your rod. One of the most difficult tasks for shoppers is matching up the correct component to their pre-existing rod.

Before you start looking for a replacement part, it's always a good idea to take down your rod and try to find a manufacturers name or part number. One of the best places to look is on the bracket. Frequently, curtain rod makers will stamp a part number or their logo on the back of the bracket. You may also be able to find a part number inside the metal channel of the rod or on the end pulley assembly.

If you know the manufacturer of your curtain rod, you're already half way there. Manufacturers often make several different models of rods depending on the type. Parts like brackets come with an attached stirrup in many cases that is specifically made to fit the channel profile of a particular rod. Knowing the part number of your bracket can really help expedite matching up replacement parts.

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