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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Return

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide


Curtain Rod Return is the distance from the wall to where your fabic will hang

For Wall Mount Heavy-Duty And Decorative Traverse Curtain Rods: The Return measurement is the distance from the wall to where your fabric will be hanging. It's important to remember that this distance is not always to the actual center of the drapery rod. Return is frequently confused with the clearance measurement. Clearance represents the space from the wall to the back of the drapery rod and is used to determine if you have room to install a second layer of fabric underneath.

Most brackets allow for on-site adjustment and are frequently represented as "3 1/2" to 4 1/4" Return". A Return measurement is not required for ceiling mount rods except under special circumstances like bay windows.

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  • "What If The Rod I Want Doesn’t Have A Return Far Enough Out To Clear An Obstacle In My Window Like Outside Mount Shutters?"
Create your own extended return for your decorative wooden drapeyr rod with a block of wood

Most curtain rods have Return options up to about six inches. If you need more than that, then you’ll have to create your own solution with the help of a drapery installer or general contractor.

One of the easiest workarounds is to install a block of wood, painted your wall color, and use it as a spacer block. Make sure the wood spacer block is installed properly as it will be required to bear the weight of your treatment.

Not all ceiling mount capable rods are slotted and direct mount may not be possible. Visit our website and look for "direct mount ready" for the product you're interested in. Decorative Traverse Rods are never available as direct mount. Contact us with your specifications before ordering a direct mount ready rod for recess mount.
We're not going to send you installation screws with your rod. We're not trying to be cheapskates, we just don't know anything about your mounting surface. You need to make sure to use wood screws if installing into wood studs or the proper weight certified hollow wall anchor if installing into drywall. Or, masonry screws for block, or metal screws, etc. Visit your local hardware store to find the proper screw for your mounting surface.
Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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