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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Multi-Section And Double Rods

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide

Multi-Part Rods That Butt Together During Install

If your drapery rod has been made in sections due to size, and either no physical splice exists or the rod width exceeds the maximum single piece limit - you will have to butt the rod sections together during install.

Start by installing two wall brackets (or ceiling brackets) at the split point and align the two rod sections together (see Figure 1). Do not engage the locking cams. Then, gently slide the rod sections together until they touch and there is no gap between them (see Figure 2). Lock the cams once the rod is in its final position with no gap between the sections.

Figure 1: Decorative Traverse Drapery Rod with Wood Fascia, aligned and ready to be “slid together”. In this example image, the rod is pre-strung as a single unit.

Figure 2: Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod, made as two independent rods, one is one-way right, the other one-way left combined to create a split-draw treatment. This method is used when your overall rod size exceeds the maximum single piece limit.

Curtain rods without splices butt together during install Curtain rods can be installed side by side

Brackets For Double Curtain Rods

There is little difference between installing single brackets and double brackets. For most double rods, there will be two independent cam assemblies and a wall mount arm. Double brackets will typically have two slotted sections, one for each cam assembly.

Double curtain rod and drapery pole bracket
Hanging double traverse curtain rods is easy with the right bracket Double hung curtain rods with wall mount brackets

Specialty double brackets will also have slots for the cam assembly. While your exact bracket may not be pictured here, the method for assembling and installing a double bracket remains the same.

Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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