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The item is made to fit Dakota 1 1/8" Poles Apart poles.
Preview Image Shown In: KBN - Brushed Nickel

Dakota Alexia Finial For 1 1-8 Inch Metal Curtain Rods

$68.25 Per Pair
Sold By The Pair
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Selected Color: KBT - Brushed Tea
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Product Information

This item is non-returnable. An impressive modern mosaic finial designed to compliment todays interiors. Available in two finishes, antique brass and black. Discrete allen key fixing. Decorative drapery hardware components are specifically manufactured to be used with items from their own collection. Even if the sizes are the same or similar, do not attempt to use this item with non-same brand or non-same collection components. Every computer screen displays colors differently, we do not guarantee a match to the color you're seeing on your screen. Wood Poles that are cut to size before shipping may have minor chipping on the cut ends extending 1/8" to 1/4" from the edge. The collar of the finial or end cap will cover this area. If joining poles, use the factory edges in the center.
1 1/8" Poles Apart
Packaged As:
Sold By The Pair
Collection Pole Diameter:
1 1/8"
Usually Ships In:
3 To 5 Business Days
Return Policy:
Non-Returnable (item is either Special Order or Customized)
Fascia Seam Cover
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Returns & Color Matching
Non-Returnable Item This item is either Special Order; or, a customizable item which can not be returned. You're guaranteed to receive the exact item you ordered; made and finished correctly. But, you can't send it back if you decide you don't want it anymore.
Order A Sample To Compare Colors Every device displays colors differently. We do not guarantee a match to the color you are seeing on your screen. Order a sample for an accurate color comparison.
Shipping Damage Or Manufacturing Defects You do not need to create a Return Authorization for a damaged or defective item. Instead, create a Problem Report on your My Account Home Screen and we'll replace the item for you.
Color Variation Between Items When you hold pieces in your hand, you may notice color variation because different materials take paint or stain differently. These variances blend together and dissapear once your treatment is installed in your window.
Questions About Dakota Alexia Finial For 1 1-8 Inch Metal Curtain Rods
Every device and monitor displayes colors differently. We can not guarantee a match to the color you are seeing on your screen.
Dakota Alexia Finial For 1 1-8 Inch Metal Curtain Rods Color Option Brushed Tea
KBT - Brushed Tea