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Deciding Upon Kirsch Drapery Hardware For Your House

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Published: 11-21-2011
Kirsch Wood Trends wooden curtain rods in estate oak

With many options, Kirsch Drapery Hardware really stands apart because of their persistence for quality, functionality and design.

Keeping at the cutting edge of the home design market is a tough undertaking. As our society evolves and changes, our preferences and tastes regarding the design of our living space changes. Over the last century, the talented craftsmen and designers at Kirsch have constantly presented interior decorators and home-owners innovative alternatives for their window treatments and their dedication to quality has never been more robust.

Each time I help a client in finding the best decorative hardware window treatment for their house, I usually keep Kirsch Drapery Hardware at the top of my list. It seems difficult to imagine, but Kirsch has been manufacturing high-end drapery rods for over a century. That is a 100 plus year background of making some of the very best products the decorative drapery hardware field is offering. With collections to match every budget and style, Kirsch Drapery Hardware is a good place to begin your search for the perfect window treatment.

Kirsch drapery rods can be bought in many styles and sizes.

One of the most popular style of drapery hardware is a traditional wood drapery pole with rings, finials and brackets. Kirsch offers treatments in wood style in 3, 2 and 1 3/8 inch pole diameters with fluted or smooth profile. Available in twelve, eight, six and four foot sizes, Wood curtain rods from Kirsch can easily be trimmed to fit your window size before installation. Two popular wood collections are Wood Trends and Buckingham. While each of these collections consist of wooden drapery rods of several diameters and lengths, the Collection of Wood Trends is very economical. For treatments in more elaborate styles, Buckingham from Kirsch comes in unique two toned designer finishes. If you want a wooden drapery rod that is unfinished to faux-finish or stain yourself, you'll be able to choose Buckingham for staining or Wood Trends for painting. Wood curtain rods from Buckingham aren't made with finger joints like most lower cost poles and this means they are suitable for adding your own custom stain.

Kirsch drapery hardware that is metal can give any room a much more contemporary appearance.

All the way back in 1928, Kirsch invented the first telescoping metal curtain rod. Today, Kirsch has several metal drapery hardware options that are offered as decorative traverse rods with carriers or metal poles with rings. Introduced by Kirsch in 1994, Studio Coordinates, remains an increasingly fashionable selection for customers who need the functionality of operable draw curtains and the appearance of a decorative metal rod. For windows with rod pockets, tab-tops or regular panels with rings, classic 1 3/8 inch metal drapery rods are found in the Kirsch Mix-And-Match collection. With drapery hardware extras like finials, rings, holdbacks and brackets which can be inter-changeable between collections, you can design your window treatment to appear either classic or contemporary by using Kirsch metal drapery hardware.

Vintage look of Wrought Iron minus the heaviness from Kirsch.

Metal drapery rods with classic wrought iron options can be purchased in the 1 inch diameter Wrought Iron line from Kirsch. With over a dozen finials available in wrought iron to match, you will find all you need to give your window old-time attractiveness. Wrought Iron style drapes and window treatments have seen a revival in popularity during the the past few years and the Kirsch selections are distinctive in finish and style.

Personalized drapery hardware is always a choice.

If you've searched throughout the common drapery hardware choices provided by Kirsch but can't find the perfect drapery rod for your window treatment, don't give up because customized curtain rods aren't as costly as you could imagine. Estate Rods are wood or metal style drapery poles that function like a traditional traverse rod but mimic a decorative pole with finials. And, Some even have decorative faux rings. Custom made Estate Rods from Kirsch can be manufactured to your exact specifications, so you'll know you're getting exactly what you require. These made to order rods are a great selection for really unusual windows, or for very heavy window treatments that may not operate efficiently on a regular traverse rod.

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