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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Fascia Questions

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide
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  • “I See Some Decorative Traverse Rods Can Be Made For Bay And Corner Windows. How Does That Work? You Can’t Bend Fascia.”
Decorative traverse curtain rods for bay windows

No, you can’t bend fascia. And, while we can bend Heavy-Duty Curtain Rods, for continuous operation around a bend or corner, we need a ten inch or so radius. Since we can’t make a radial bend with fascia, we make independently functioning rods and attach mitered fascia to each one. So, for a three window bay, you’ll have three independently functioning rods with mitered fascia.

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  • “How Does The Fascia Attach To The Curtain Rod?”
Decorative traverse fascia attaches to heavy-duty draperyrods

Each brand has its own method of attaching the fascia to the track. For example, Kirsch curtain rods have a built in fascia guide. Some brands screw or bolt the fascia directly to the metal track. Regardless of the method used, the fascia is always permanently adhered to the drapery rod and can not be removed.

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  • “How Does The Finial Or End Cap Attach To The Fascia And Track?”

Just like each brand has its own method of attaching the fascia to the track, attaching the finial to the fascia varies by brand and style. All Decorative Traverse Rods have finial or end cap options, so there’s always a method for securely attaching the finial. It’s important to remember that you must use a finial or end cap purchased along with your rod, you can’t use your own finial or a finial from a different brand. There’s a slim chance it may work, but it probably won’t fit correctly.

Fascia and finials for decorative traverse curtain rods
For most brands, the fascia is bolted so tightly to the track all you need to do is screw the finial into the center guide hole.
Wooden curtain rod fascia for decorative traverse
Some brands, like House Parts, leave a small “wedge” of fascia at the end creating a complete finial guide hole for installation.
Curtain rods with wood pole fascia and finials
Kirsch uses an attached fascia guide that includes a molded finial mounting hole on each end.
There are several other methods of attaching the finial to the fascia, the examples above are the most commonly used. Metal fascia may use plugs or set screws. And, some smaller diameter specialty rods may use angle irons. There will always be a way to attach a finial or end cap to your Decorative Traverse Rod, even if it’s difficult to see from the example images for the rod you’re considering.
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