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Accessories For Curtain Rods

Functional accessories for curtain rods like swivel sockets are often used for corner or bay installations. Rod connectors like joiner screws and internal splices allow you to connect multiple drapery rods together to cover large windows.

Drapery Hardware Accessories Can Be Used To Create Bay Window Treatments

There are many different accessories available for your drapery hardware treatment. Accessories can be used with their matching curtain rod, finial or bracket to help you create different styles, extend your rod size and tackle unusual installation circumstances. Some types of accessories are relatively straightforward like batons, clips and grommets. But, a few may need some clarification.

Inside Mount sockets are used to hang drapery rods within an enclosed space. You may need to install your curtain rod in between the sides of your window box, or across an open area like a door frame. Inside mount sockets attach to either side of an open area so you can position your rod between them. For most rods, you should consider four feet as you maximum distance without using a center support. For open areas with no wall space, ceiling mount brackets can be used in conjunction with inside mount sockets.

Swivel sockets allow you to quickly create special shapes. You can easily create a bay window or corner treatment by attaching your curtain rods together using one of these sockets. Don't forget to add at least two support brackets for each pole section. Swivel sockets don't provide stability, they just attach each section together for a seamless look.

Rod splices and joiners are used to attach two drapery rods together to cover a wide window. While these connectors are available as individual pieces, they are meant to be used only with their corresponding rod. If you need a rod connector, make sure you're going to use it with a pole for its own brand and collection. They won't work with other style or pre-existing poles.

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