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Five Ideas For Making The Most Of That Spare Room

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Published: 08-12-2015
Curtain Rods For Spare Rooms

If you happen to be one of the fortunate people with a spare room in your home or apartment, then you may be wondering how you should put it use. Whether you decide to convert your spare room into a home office, guest room, game or craft room, man cave, retreat, fitness or yoga studio, you shouldn’t let the extra space go to waste anymore.

Idea #1 – Turn Your Spare Room Into a Home Office

One of the most common ways that people put a spare room to use is by converting it into a home office. A home office is an excellent idea because an office can be used in so many ways. In addition to equipping your office with a desk, you can also furnish the room with a television set, small sofa or a comfy armchair where you can retreat to watch television or read a book when you are not busy at work.

Idea #2 – Convert That Extra Space Into a Guest Room

Another way you can begin using your spare room is to convert it into a guest room where family and friends can stay over. This idea is an excellent option for people who have guests over frequently, but never have enough space to have them to stay over. Whether you decide to decorate with a full or queen size pullout sofa or an actual bed, by converting your spare room into a guest room you will always have the extra space you need to invite visitors to stay over.

Idea #3 – Give Your Kids Extra Place to Play

Another option you may want to consider is converting your spare room into a game room or art studio for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you choose to convert the room into a game room or arts and crafts room, you and your family will love having the extra space to play and work on arts and crafts projects. Depending on the size of your spare room, you may even be able to get away with using the room as a game room and art studio.

Idea #4 – Create a Man Cave or Personal Retreat

If you want to be generous and live with a man, then you may want to surprise him by giving him his very own man cave. Adding a man cave to your home is an excellent idea if the man or men in your home often complain about not having a space of their own.

Idea #5 – Workout at Home in Your Personal Fitness or Yoga Studio

In addition to all of the ideas listed above, you may want to consider converting your spare room into a fitness or yoga studio. Converting this extra space into a fitness or yoga studio can also help you save money if you hate going to the gym.

Although converting a spare room into a usable space takes time and money, after you are done you will be glad you made the effort.

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