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Five Projects You Can Tackle In A Weekend

Written By:
Published: 06-10-2015

Projects for home decoratingIf you've been thinking that your house needs a little sparkle added to it but don't have the time or budget to indulge in a whole-house redecoration, don’t despair.

What you can accomplish with a few changes in just one weekend can provide that point of interest or pop of color that will make a room seem bright and fresh, and you don’t have to strain your back or break the bank to liven up your nest.

Paint a Piece of Furniture

Take that well-worn wooden desk or sideboard or that chest of drawers you inherited from Aunt Harriet and make it new and interesting.

It's color that takes center stage with this project, so don't hesitate to choose a bright turquoise to make that chest look like it just sailed in from Newport, or bright red to give your home office desk a lively and upbeat feeling – the kind that will actually make you want to sit down at it and finally email those thank-you notes.


Turn your bookshelves into combination book storage and display case.

Take out all the books first and get rid of at least 1/3 of them by donating them to a school or charity. Dust the books you are keeping and then use your artist's eye to group them attractively, leaving space between groupings of novels, craft and history books.

These negative spaces can then be used to show off your kids’ clay projects, that art vase you found at the flea market or a basket filled with dried flowers; this “new” bookshelf will be eye catching and usefull.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The idea of redoing kitchen cabinets is daunting, but you can change their appearance by the simple addition of new hardware.

You may have to spend a little money on this one, but it's such a great, simple way to get a new look in the kitchen that it's worth paying a bit for those crazy copper fruit handles you spotted in the local hardware store or on the trim chrome handles that state "I’m modern and I’m staying that way!"

Of course, you might be lucky enough to find an old set of Bakelite handles at a yard sale or flea market, and if that's the case, flaunt your find!

Window Treatments

If you live in an area that has real seasons, consider switching window coverings for summer and winter.When it gets warm, just replace your heavy drapery with filmy panels for a cool, airy feeling and put the drapes away until the weather turns and you want that cozy feeling again.

Get creative with tie-backs by using old glass doorknobs or beaded bracelets to hold drapes in place.

A Bedroom Makeover

This involves a little more work if you decide you want to change room colors; still, a bedroom is an easy weekend paint job.

After the new color has dried, you can continue to create change by adding a few new pillows, a different comforter or duvet cover and new curtains, and voila! You have a new bedroom.

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