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Five Small Changes To A Room That Can Make A Huge Difference

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Published: 08-05-2015
Remodel With Curtain Rods

Do you have a room in your house that could do with a facelift but don't have the budget or the time for a complete remodel? You'll be glad to know that effective ways exist to enhance indoor living spaces without making a commitment to a complete overhaul.

Following are five strategies for quickly rejuvenating any room in your home.

Wall Art

Whether you select paintings, prints, or colorful woven hangings, well-crafted wall art provides balance and focus. Local art galleries and arts-and-crafts fairs provide excellent selections of wall art, so consider these venues over retailers who specialize in mass-produced items if you want to ensure that your home decor is unique.

Window Treatments

Dressing up the windows is like slipping on a new pair of earrings — if infuses shine and style into the whole picture. From a classy pair of drapes to attractive shutters, window treatments add accents that brighten entire rooms.

For a dramatic effect, try adding new drapes in rich jewel tones and placing a few pieces of decorative ceramics in complementary colors in strategic points around the room. If you’re longing for an ethereal look, classic lace curtains can’t be beat.

And of course, don’t forget your Kirsch curtain rods.


Not only do houseplants bring fresh spots of greenery indoors, they also promote optimal air quality by adding carbon dioxide to the interior atmosphere of your home. This is increasingly important in homes that have been outfitted with energy-saving windows and doors.

Although these amenities are wonderful at keeping cool air indoors on hot days and preventing warm air from escaping during cold winter days and nights, they also don’t receive the air circulation benefits as their draft old counterparts.

Revert to the Original Flooring

If you've got an older home where the indoor flooring is covered in carpeting, reverting to the original flooring may be a way for you to add elegance and grace to your indoor living space. Because wall-to-wall carpeting harbors all manner of dust and allergens, your home interior will be a healthier place if you revert to the original hardwood floors.

If you're handy with a sander, this project won’t take more than several hours on a weekend afternoon. Many original hardwood floors in vintage homes were crafted from the heartwood of old growth timer, which means they’ll retain their superior strength and visual appeal for many years to come.

Dress Up Your Bookshelves

Whether your bookshelves are built-in or freestanding, they can be dressed up with fresh coats of paint and covering their backings with colorful wallpaper. If you’re like many people who have replaced books with e-readers, bookshelves provide an excellent option for displaying ceramics, wooden carvings, and other decorative items. For a pulled-together, polished look, paint window and door trim the same shade as your bookcases.

Keep in mind that any room in your home can be refreshed with just a bit of thought and creativity when a full remodeling project isn’t in the cards.

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