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Forest Group 1 3/16" Royal Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware

Outstanding wrought iron curtain rods by Forest Group are available in 1 3/16" diameter. True rustic, old world appeal finished in traditional iron colors will add impact to your window treatment. Brackets for single, double, ceiling and inside mount are offered.

Royal 1 3/16" Forest Group Wrought Iron Curtain Rods

A slightly upsized Wrought Iron drapery rod collection is offered by Forest Group. While most Wrought Iron collections offer one inch diameter curtain rods, the Royal Wrought Iron collection features a diameter of one and one-quarter inch. While the additional one-quarter inch isn't a lot, it's enough to give this collection a more robust look and it's perfect for double size or larger windows. And, it's not too big for standard windows. This collection will look right at home no matter where you decide to hang it.

All of the popular Wrought Iron finishes are available including copper, rust, black and gold. These hand finished drapery rods will compliment any home decor. The finial choices include the standard ball design along with several more ornate styles. Plus, there's a tailored end cap in case you're after a more modern look or don't have room for a more elaborate finial.

Hanging a double Wrought Iron treatment is easy with this collection because there's a Duke Double bracket available. With cups for both the front and rear rod, you can achieve a return of up to eight and three quarter inches for your outermost drapery rod. It's common to install decorative draperies on the out rod and sheers on the inner rod. Or, stationary panels on the front rod and operable drapes or sheers on the rod closest to the wall.

For valances or sheers with rod pockets, you can easily slide the fabric over the drapery rod. A pocket depth of two and one-half inches is required for this style curtain. For flat panels or pinch-pleat draperies, you can hang the fabric using the smooth ring included with this collection. Just keep in mind that the ring won't be able to move past the first bracket it encounters along your drapery rod.

Use the internal splice to combine several drapery rods together to reach longer lengths if one the standard size poles doesn't fit in your window. Or, you can cut down the rod to size before you hang it to get a perfect fit. Swivel sockets are also included with this collection. These handy drapery hardware accessories make it really easy to hang curtains in a bay window because they'll adjust to the angle of your bay. You can complete your window design with one of the matching drapery wands or batons. When you use a baton, opening or closing your draperies is much easier.

Preview Image Shown In:
F33 - Black Silver
For 1 3/16" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Ring
Regular Price: $8.05
Your Price:
  • F38 - Rust
  • F37 - Sand Gold
  • F59 - Black
  • F33 - Black Silver
  • F40 - Graphite Rust
  • F35 - Grey Copper
Available In 6 Finishes
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Forest Group 1 3/16" Royal Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware Color Options

F33 - Black Silver
F34 - Black Brown
F35 - Grey Copper
F37 - Sand Gold
F40 - Graphite Rust
F59 - Black

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