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Belmont Premium Wood Drapery Rods 1

Forest Group 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Hardware

Traditional wood curtain rods with both classic and modern styles finials are offered in the 1 3/8" diameter collection from Forest Group. With brackets available for wall, ceiling mount and inside mount, you have unlimited installation options.

Classic Wooden Curtain Rods By Forest Group

You can get the look of an outstanding wooden curtain rod treatment in a small scale by using the one and three eights inch Zabala Wood collection from Forest Group. This smaller scale curtain rod will allow you hang draperies with grommets of one and one-half inch which is a very widely used size. Curtains like this wouldn't fit on a larger size wood pole, but the small diameter of the Forest Group Zabala will work great and allow to select from some very stylish finials and drapery hardware accessories.

While this collection may be small in scale, it's large on options and colors. All of the finishes are hand applied. Select from lacquers like white or black. Or, choose one of the real wood varnishes like Hazel, Walnut or Honey. All of the finishes are formulated to match popular furniture trends, so they'll look great in any interior design.

A mix of traditional wood finials is offered in this drapery hardware collection along with a few geometric and modern choices. You can choose from a traditional ball finial or classic finial. Or, select a more contemporary design like a cylinder or trumpet. End caps are also available to fit the one and one-quarter inch drapery rods. End caps are typically used with you don't have enough space for a standard finial. Or, if you're hanging a more modern or minimalistic treatment.

You can hang your curtains using wall brackets, ceiling brackets or inside mount sockets. Most of the time, you'll need to use inside mount sockets within the window frame or in an open space where you can't use a traditional wall bracket. Ceiling brackets are sometimes used as a center support for drapery rods installed into open spaces.

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F71 - Honey
For Unspecified Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Holdback
Regular Price: $17.41
Sold Individually
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Sold Individually
  • F70 - Hazel
  • F59 - Black
  • F25 - White
  • F00 - Unfinished
  • F71 - Honey
  • F72 - Walnut
  • F73 - Natural
  • F58 - Stone
Available In 8 Finishes
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Forest Group 1 3/8" Wood Drapery Hardware Color Options

F00 - Unfinished
F25 - White
F59 - Black
F70 - Hazel
F71 - Honey
F72 - Walnut
F73 - Natural

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