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Kirsch 2 Wood Trends

Forest Group 2" Wood Drapery Hardware

Forest Group 2" diameter wooden curtain rods are a great option for any window size. This collection features carved wood finial designs, perfect for staining. Coordinating batons are also available in both painted and stained finishes.

Smooth And Fluted Wood Curtain Rods From Forest Group

One of the most popular drapery hardware treatments is a two inch wood curtain rod with finials. The two inch Zabala collection from Forest Group has several elegant style drapery rods to choose from with classic and traditional finial options. Two inch diameter drapery hardware looks great on just about any size window. This style provides plenty of emphasis without overwhelming other design elements in your window treatment.

The Zabala two inch wood drapery hardware collection has two color style to select from. The finishes are either lacquer or varnish. The Lacquer finishes are black and white and provide a rich, stark and deep color. The hand applied varnishes include Walnut, Honey and Hazel to name a few. The striking wood tones really make the components stand out. The all wood construction of the drapery hardware means that you'll enjoy consistent tone from the pole, finial, rings and brackets.

Smooth and fluted poles are available in this collection. Smooth poles look great when varnished or stained. And, fluted poles really pick up two toned finishes and varnishes. The flutes or grooves in the pole create contrasting layers of light and dark.

For a more antiqued look, you can select from the Zabala specialty finishes like Antique Black, Sand Gold or Old Gold. You will find an assortment of finials specially selected for the two toned finishes like the Windsor or Ringed Ball. These finials feature raised and recessed designs that really highlight to beautiful two toned features in the finish.

To make installation easy, wall brackets and inside mount sockets are available for this collection. The wall brackets found in this collection have returns from three and one-half to four inches. The return is measurement from where your drapery will hang to the wall. Inside mount sockets are used to hang curtains within an open space or between your window trim. It's always a good idea to use a bracket to secure you drapery rod in the center when installing into an open space.

Preview Image Shown In:
F37 - Sand Gold Antiqued
For 2" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Ring
Regular Price: $3.79 - $8.37
Your Price:
$2.76 - $6.09
  • F00 - Unfinished
  • F71 - Honey
  • F70 - Hazel
  • F59 - Black
  • F25 - White
  • F72 - Walnut
  • F73 - Natural
  • F58 - Stone
  • F45 - Leather Antiqued
  • F37 - Sand Gold Antiqued
Available In 10 Finishes
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Forest Group 2" Wood Drapery Hardware Color Options

F00 - Unfinished
F25 - White
F37 - Sand Gold Antiqued
F45 - Leather Antiqued
F46 - Black Gold
F47 - Old Gold
F59 - Black
F70 - Hazel
F71 - Honey
F72 - Walnut
F73 - Natural

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