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This product fits drapery
poles with a 13/16" diameter.
Drapery Hardware Components Are Named By The Pole Diameter They Fit
When choosing drapery hardware, decide which pole diameter you want first. All drapery hardware components are named and grouped by the pole diameter that they fit.

Also be aware that when you see a name like "1 3/8 Inch Ring" or "2 1/4 Inch Finial", the size is referring to the pole diameter the product fits and not the actual size of the product you're viewing.

There are some instances where you may use a mis-matched size, like using a 2 1/4" bracket with a 2" pole, but these situations are rare. Always contact us before ordering mis-matched sizes.
Forest Group Pop End Cap For 1 3/16" Metal Drapery Rods
Shown In: Z16 - Stainless Steel
Pop From Forest Group
Shown In: Z16 - Stainless Steel
See Larger Color Images
Z88 - Black Shiny
Z87 - Bronze Brilliant
Z16 - Stainless Steel
Z25 - Shiny White

Forest Group Pop End Cap For 1 3/16" Metal Drapery Rods

Sold Individually (If You Need A Pair, Buy 2)
Color: Z88 - Black Shiny
$33.33 Each
Regular Price: $50.01 Save $16.68 (34%)
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  • Black Shiny
    Currently Selected Color: Z88 - Black Shiny
    Z88 - Black Shiny
  • Bronze Brilliant
    Currently Selected Color: Z87 - Bronze Brilliant
    Z87 - Bronze Brilliant
  • Stainless Steel
    Currently Selected Color: Z16 - Stainless Steel
    Z16 - Stainless Steel
  • Shiny White
    Currently Selected Color: Z25 - Shiny White
    Z25 - Shiny White

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Black Shiny

Bronze Brilliant

Stainless Steel

Shiny White
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Questions About Forest Group Pop

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About Forest Group Pop End Cap For 1 3/16" Metal Drapery Rods

Decorative drapery hardware components are made to be used with items from their own manufacturer and collection. For example, finials from one collection may not fit properly on poles from a different collection even if the sizes are the same. Always contact us before ordering products from different collections if you intend to use them together. Every computer screen displays colors differently, we do not guarantee a match to the color you're seeing on your screen. Samples are available for purchase if you need to see a more accurate representation of color or finish.


Matching Components In Forest Group 1 3/16" Decorative Metal


Color Matching & Return Information

Since every computer monitor displays colors differently, we can't guarantee a color match to the image you're seeing on your screen. If you need a precise color match, we always have Forest Group samples available for you and the cost of the sample is refundable if you send them back to us in good condition when you're finished!

Also, take note of the Product Material displayed in the details section for Forest Group Pop and keep in mind that different materials take paint or stain differently. For example, a resin finial may look slightly darker or lighter than a wood pole finished in the same color because wood absorbs more color than resin. These slight color variations are not defects and they become unnoticeable once the treatment has been installed in the window.

Sometimes, you may see the same color or finish name in several different collections. Once you settle on which product you want to buy, make sure to order all the components you need from the same brand and collection. For example, Mahogany from Forest Group is not going to match Mahogany from a different brand.

Forest Group Pop End Cap For 1 3/16" Metal Drapery Rods is a custom made or special order item and we can't allow returns or exchanges. Of course, you're guaranteed to receive exactly what you ordered, finished correctly and in perfect condition. However, you won't be able to return the item if you decide that you just don't want it.

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