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Gould NY 2" Fashion Avenue Drapery Hardware

Brilliant finishes with hand applied gilding are available with Gould NY 2" wood curtain rods in the Fashion Avenue collection. Classic, ornate finial designs will look great with any home interior. Coordinating brackets, rings and holdbacks are also offered.

2" Fashion Avenue Wood Curtain Rods From Gould NY

Fashion Avenue from Gould NY features elegant finial designs, functional accessories and amazing stain and paint finishes. The popular two inch drapery rod diameter is perfect for just about any window size. Both smooth and reeded, sometimes called fluted, pole styles are featured in standard sizes like four foot or eight foot. Cutting a wood drapery rod to size is really easy in case one of the regular sizes won't work for your window. And, you can join several together to reach longer lengths using a Gould NY joiner bracket or a wood pole joiner screw.

The Gould NY Fashion Avenue two inch collection features drapery hardware finished in deep, rich stains as well as amazing paints. You can select from a variety of popular wood stains like pecan, mahogany and rosewood. Several stains have options for hand gilding on decorative pieces. Components like finials, rings and brackets that have embossed or raised carvings are painted gold or pewter by hand. Painting these raised portions with a contrasting color, like gold for example, is call gilding. Look for color selections like walnut gilded or mahogany gilded if you want your decorative pieces to have these hand painted highlights.

Installing your drapery hardware is easy. Gould NY offers several bracket styles in the two inch Fashion Avenue collection. You can select a regular wall mount bracket, or you can choose inside mount sockets for hanging curtains in open spaces or between the window frame. Decorative bracket options are also offered. Make sure to select the appropriate clearance for your drapery rods brackets. Clearance is the distance from the wall to the back of the drapery pole. You'll want to choose a longer clearance if you're hanging a double treatment or if there are obstacles in your window like outside mount wood blinds or shutters.

Preview Image Shown In:
G59 - Enriched Mahogany
For 2" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Bracket
Regular Price: $29.00 - $31.25
Sold Individually
Your Price:
$24.54 - $26.44
Sold Individually
  • V12 - White
  • V29 - Black
  • V73 - Mahogany
  • V78 - Walnut
  • V18 - Applewood
  • V19 - Auburn
  • G17 - Antique White
  • G28 - Provence
  • G45 - Pecan
  • G46 - Rosewood
  • G50 - Dusty Walnut
  • G51 - Tiffany
  • G53 - Rustic Gold
  • G54 - Antique Pewter
  • G55 - Parisienne
  • G56 - Royale
Plus 3 Other Colors!
Available In 19 Finishes
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Gould NY 2" Fashion Avenue Drapery Hardware Color Options

G17 - Antique White
G28 - Provence
G45 - Pecan
G46 - Rosewood
G50 - Dusty Walnut
G51 - Tiffany
G53 - Rustic Gold
G54 - Antique Pewter
G55 - Parisienne
G56 - Royale
G57 - Enriched Pecan
G58 - Enriched Rosewood
G59 - Enriched Mahogany
G61 - Golden Mahogany
G65 - English Saddle
G66 - Cordovan
G73 - Mahogany Gilded
G78 - Walnut Gilded
G94 - Antique Gold
G95 - Bamboo
V12 - White
V18 - Applewood
V19 - Auburn
V23 - Brushed Gold
V29 - Black
V73 - Mahogany
V78 - Walnut

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