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Gould NY Fine Finishes Drapery Hardware

Beautiful golds, silvers and antiqued metallic colors make the Gould NY Fine Finishes collection of wooden curtain rods really stand out. Stunning faux-finishes blend nicely with your interior to create an amazing drapery hardware treatment.

Brilliant Colors And Classic Designs From Gould NY Fine Finishes Wood Curtain Rods

The Fine Finishes collection from Gould NY features brilliant metallic paints and hand applied gilding. Gleaming golds, silvers and petwers come together to create truly magnificent drapery hardware treatments. Contrasting colors like black and mahogany are mixed with the brilliant metallic finishes to create drapery rods and components that are absolutely stunning. Hand painted gilding and highlights are featured on decorative relief portions of rings, brackets and finials creating a look that is one-of-a-kind.

The finial designs found in the Fine Finishes collection range from traditional to contemporary. Regal and crown style finials are perfect for hand gilding. The ornate carvings and decorative elements really stand out when highlighted with shining golds or silvers. Even the classic ball finial looks completely unique when showcased in one of the outstanding color choices available from Gould NY. Modern styles like trumpet, vase or other geometric shapes really make an impression when painted with glistening silver. For an even more contemporary look, you can mix gold drapery rods with silver or silver and black finials and accessories.

When you're deciding on a color for your drapery hardware treatment, you should take into consideration the other furnishings in your room as well as the color of your fabric. If you want your drapery rods and accessories to blend in with their surroundings, then you can select a color that is similar to the woodwork in your room or your furniture. Choosing a finish that is similar to a secondary color in your curtain fabric is also a popular method. But, sometimes you want your drapery hardware to make a statement all by itself. And, for that, there's no better collection than Fine Finishes. The brilliant paints and faux finishes will definitely become a focal point in your room design. And, don't forget to add a stylish holdback to complete your window treatment.

Preview Image Shown In:
G04 - Oro Bruno
For 2" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Ring
Regular Price: $11.00
Your Price:
  • G03 - Oro Argento
  • G09 - Oro Antico
  • G10 - Metallic Silver
  • G11 - Metallic Gold
Available In 4 Finishes
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Gould NY Fine Finishes Drapery Hardware Color Options

G01 - Oro Vecchio
G02 - Oro Nero
G03 - Oro Argento
G04 - Oro Bruno
G05 - Oro On Black
G06 - Oro On Mahogany
G07 - Oro Distresso
G08 - Argento Distresso
G09 - Oro Antico
G10 - Metallic Silver
G11 - Metallic Gold

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