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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Hanging The Rod

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide

Hanging The Drapery Rod

How to hang a heavy-duty curatin rod How to hang a decorative traverse curtain rod Installing a drapery rod with wall brackets

While the example images on this page show a Decorative Traverse Curtain Rod, the steps for hanging a Heavy-Duty Traverse Rod are the same. And, while the brackets in the example images may not exactly match the brackets for your rod - the process is the same.

Lift the rod onto the lip of the cam assembly portion of the bracket (same as ceiling mount bracket). For a ceiling mount rod, lift the rod up and slide it onto the ceiling mount bracket.

If your drapery rod profile has a lip for the boot portion of the cam assembly, tilt the rod inward slightly and slide the boot into the lip of the rod. If your bracket assembly “reaches out” to grab onto a groove in the face of the rod, or snaps around the rod profile - tilting the rod slightly is not necessary.

If the rod is unable to snap on (or over) the bracket assembly, or - if the boot portion of the cam assembly will not slide in for all brackets - your brackets are not level or even. You’ll need to level your brackets and try again.

On the underside of the cam assembly, turn the locking plate to the closed position. When in the closed position, the metal plate will fit into (or underneath, depending on your rod) the back of the track channel.

Most locking plates have a screw and washer (or nut) which can be tightened once the rod is in place.

Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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