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Installing Metal Drapery Hardware For Your Draperies

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Published: 03-07-2012
Kirsch Metal Curtain Rods For GrommetsMetal drapery rods are a terrific option for regular size and light weight drapes. You can install ripplefold, pinch-pleat or grommeted style curtains from most metal drapery rods.

Metal style drapery rods are a great choice if you're going after a modern look for your window treatment. While a regular wood pole with rings lets you to draw your curtains by hand, a number of metal rods can be both decorative and functional at the same time. So you can get a stylish drapery rod that comes complete with functional traverse components such as cords and carriers. Before you decide to get metal drapery rods, you should make sure that the type of drapery you want to hang will work correctly with the metal rod options.

For the most part, metal drapery rods are not usually the strongest rod option available.

For really heavy or long draperies, a solid wood pole will do a better job for you. Considering the fact that virtually all metal rods are built using hollow core or extruded material, they are made for use with standard or light weight curtains. Needless to say, there are exceptions like solid steel drapery rods from The Finial Co. Hollow core construction is the standard for nearly all of the most popular metal drapery hardware options. Before you decide on a metal drapery rod for your window, consider the weight of your drapery fabric. Getting a wood pole faux finished with a metallic paint might be a more sensible choice for you - especially if your curtain is lined and interlined, or if it's really long.

Hanging a metal rod to go along with grommeted draperies is really common.

Grommet style drapery treatments have become extremely popular lately and most grommets are perfectly sized for a 1 inch or 1 3-8 diameter metal curtain rod. Keep in mind that your curtain can't move beyond the first bracket that it encounters along your rod. So, your drapery won't open past the first bracket. If your drapery is heavy and your rod needs additional support, this restriction may present a problem. Hanging a curtain that is made using two independent pieces that can open from the center to each side of the rod is an alternative if you decide that you need a center support for added stability. This type of curtain is usually called split draw or center draw. To keep the two panels shut securely together at the center to minimize the light gap caused by the center support where the two panels come together, you can add a section of hook-and-loop to the header of the drapery.

Carriers and other traverse components are built in for several metal curtain rods.

This style of curtain rod is ideal for a decorative metal look with all of the functionality of a traditional traverse rod. You can use this style of product if you have pinch pleat draperies. You won't need traverse options for drapes with grommets or rings. Decorative metal traverse rods constructed for use with Ripplefold style curtains are offered by several drapery hardware makers. Ripplefold drapes are specifically manufactured to be used on a special type of rod. This style of drapery provides the look of a pinch-pleat treatment while using significantly less fabric.

Finding the perfect curtain rod is quite simple with all of the options out there for metal drapery rods when you follow a few basic steps. Make sure you have carefully considered your installation situation before choosing a metal curtain rod. Also, be sure that the kind of rod you're going to buy is suitable for the length and weight of your curtains. Finally, double check that the rod you're considering is of the appropriate diameter if you're hanging drapes that have grommets.
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