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It Is A Good Idea To Select Your Drapery Hardware Ahead Of Time For Custom Made Curtains

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Published: 01-09-2012
Kirsch Medallions for custom made curtains and drapesMany times, homeowners delay purchasing their drapery hardware until after they finalize their curtain measurements. But, it's a wise idea to buy and install your drapery hardware before you measure for your curtain.

It's a great idea to have your drapery hardware installed before you purchase your curtains when you're having curtains custom made for your window treatment. Lots of home owners choose to have their draperies custom made despite the fact that there are many pre-manufactured drapery panels or curtains readily available in the market place. Perhaps you have found the perfect fabric for your drapery and you wish to add your own custom touch to your interior design. You absolutely want to get everything correct the first time since there are lots of extra expenses involved when you choose to have custom curtains made. It will be a lot simpler for your drapery maker to get a perfect fit for your window if you pick out and install your drapery rods first.

It's usually the case that homeowners wait until after they order their curtains before they begin the process of picking out their drapery hardware. This can present a problem for highly customized installations. By buying and installing your curtain rods first, your seamstress or drapery maker can take the measurements for your draperies from the exact and final position where they will ultimately be installed. Rather than having the decorative drapery hardware that they truly want, sometimes, customers are forced to choose according to the technical requirements of the drapery.

Subtle features of your drapery hardware can make a huge impact on your custom drapes. A frequent example of how your chosen hardware influences the cut of your drapery involves the drop of the ring. Occasionally, when you use drapery rings, getting your custom made draperies to hang exactly where you want them to is a difficult process. Many factors like the pin setting, the position of the rings eyelet and how far the ring hangs below the bottom of your drapery rods must be factored in to the final cut length of your curtains by your drapery maker. If your drapery hardware is installed on your window when your drapery maker takes your sizes, you'll know the fit will be exactly what you want.

The projection and design of your curtain rod brackets might also have an impact on your custom curtain measurements. Sometimes, due to the restrictions of the drapery fabric, homeowners must select a plain standard bracket instead of the ornate decorative bracket they want. If you'd like the curtain to return to the wall, you might need additional widths of fabric when using a bracket with ornate carvings or with a lengthy projection. By picking out and hanging your drapery hardware before you measure for your draperies, you can stay clear of this issue.

When you are designing your own custom window treatment, it's only natural that you should focus on the drapery and fabric itself. Usually, the most dominant design element for your treatment is the material. However, your drapery maker will be better able to provide you with a finished product that's precisely what you want when you choose and hang your drapery hardware first.
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