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Kirsch 1 3/8" Buckingham Drapery Hardware

Intricate finial designs and stunning layered finishes make the Kirsch 1 3/8" Buckingham collection of wood curtain rods a popular choice among professional interior designers. Coordinating decorative brackets and scarf holders are also available.

Decorator Finishes Are Featured In Kirsch 1 3/8" Buckingham Wood Curtain Rods

The Buckingham Collection from Kirsch has long been recognized as the pinnacle of both design and quality in the drapery rod industry. The one and three eights Buckingham products are a great place to start if you're looking for elegant two-toned, hand painted finishes and stylish design on a smaller scale.

The one and three eights poles make use of the two inch scaled drapery rod finials from Buckingham. While independently scaled finial versions are available in both two and three inch, the one and three eights collection poles, brackets and rings are meant to be used with finials that are scaled for use on a two inch pole. Make sure to keep this in mind while you're choosing a finial for your one and three eighths pole. There are a few finials that may seem somewhat oversize when used on the one and three eighths pole.

It's become very popular to use Kirsch one and three eights diameter wood drapery rods with End Caps as the rear rod of a double panel drapery treatment. These smooth wood rods, when installed behind a larger scale rod, are perfect for sheers. You can use the Buckingham two inch pole diameter on your outer rod with decorative panels or drapes and then use the one and three eighths pole as the rear rod. Since all Kirsch Buckingham colors are available on all pole sizes, you can get a perfect match for both rods.

High grade stains and multi-toned faux finishes are available for all Kirsch Buckingham drapery hardware. Some of the most popular finishes are Rustic Tortoise and Shimmer. While on different ends of the color spectrum, these two colors both feature two-toned faux styles. Rustic Tortoise offers a rich mix of browns, yellows and blacks where Shimmer gives your drapery pole treatment the feel of tarnished silver.

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