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Kirsch Drapery Hardware Has Several Bracket Styles For Different Window Treatments

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Published: 06-19-2012
Wood Curtain Rod BracketWhen choosing Kirsch Drapery Hardware, it's important that the bracket for your curtain rods works well with your window and drapery style.

When picking out the components for your curtain hardware, it's only natural to spend a great deal of time considering decorative options like color, finial choice and drapery rod diameter. But, it's just as important to consider the functional requirements of your window treatment when choosing your drapery hardware. One of the most important pieces that you'll need for any installation are the brackets. When you choose Kirsch Drapery Hardware, you'll have several different bracket styles to select from depending on the style of treatment and your window construction.

If you're considering wooden curtain rods, Kirsch has wall mount, ceiling mount and inside mount brackets available for several collections. The most common bracket used with wood style drapery rods is the wall mount. Wall mount drapery hardware brackets from Kirsch install using a simple keyhole plate design. The keyhole plate screws into the wall or window trim and the drapery bracket slides firmly over the plate. Tension screws embedded into the bracket allow you to tighten or loosen the grip so you get a snug fit.

Ceiling mount brackets allow you to suspend your drapery rod from above the window. The bracket is installed into the ceiling or any other overhanging structural element and the wooden curtain rods slide onto the bracket. This mounting style is popular when there is limited wall space to the sides of the window.

Sometimes, inside mount brackets are called sockets. Inside mount sockets allow you to hang your drapery rod within an open space like a doorway. These small pieces of drapery hardware are very useful for windows that have no wall space on either side. Hanging your curtain rod within the window frame or over an open space will always require an inside mount socket. When using this style of bracket, make sure that your curtain isn't very heavy. Since your drapery rod will only be supported on the very ends, it may bow in the center if the drapery has a lot of weight.

Wrought Iron from Kirsch Drapery Hardware has unique bypass brackets available. This type of bracket, when used in combination with C-Rings or Bypass Rings, will allow you to open and close your drapery past the support brackets. When you install this style of curtain hardware, you can hang all of the support brackets that you need to make sure that your drapery rod is secure, and you'll be able to slide your curtain past each bracket. Traversing your drapery past a support bracket isn't possible unless they are bypass brackets.

As you browse through all of the Kirsch Drapery Hardware collections, make sure to select a bracket that will work with your window and your curtains. Most of the time, a standard wall mount bracket will be your best choice, but if you have an unusual window or a tight installation, you might want to think about the ceiling mount or inside mount options. With all of the choices available, you're sure to find the perfect component for your installation.
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