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Kirsch Drapery Hardware Reinvents Metal Drapery Rods

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Published: 05-24-2013
Kirsch Designer Metals Curtain Rods With Grommeted DraperyOver the years, trends in window treatment designs come and go. Wooden style curtain rods have remained popular and are a frequent choice for interior designers and homeowners. But, metal drapery rods and hardware have seen a resurgence in popularity lately. Kirsch drapery hardware, with their new Designer Metals collection, has set the bar high both in selection and functionality for metal style treatments.

While traditional pinch-pleat draperies continue to be one of the most popular style curtains, homeowners and interior decorators are frequently choosing to hang tab-top and grommet style curtains. One of the most popular curtain rod choices for this style of drapery is metal. Metal style drapery rods and hardware have long been used in modern and contemporary designs, but with the new Designer Metals collection from Kirsch Drapery Hardware, there are options for both modern and traditional interiors.

When choosing a metal style curtain rod for your home, one of the first decisions you need to make is the type of pole you're going to use. There are two types of poles available in the Designer Metals collection from Kirsch, fixed with and adjustable which is sometimes called telescoping. Generally speaking, telescoping drapery rods are not as strong as fixed width poles. So, heavier draperies tend to operate better on a fixed with rod. You can add additional strength to a telescoping pole in two ways. First, order a telescoping pole with a starting width close to the size you'll need to cover. When using this method to choose your curtain rod, you'll get a pole with double-strength for the majority of the rod. For example, if you need to cover 66 inches, order a telescoping pole that extends from 66 to 120 instead of one that extends from 38 to 66. Second, use plenty of brackets to support the weight of your curtains.

Also, decide how you want to hang your curtains from your rod. With metal rods from Kirsch Drapery Hardware you can choose to hang your draperies using rings or you can select a traverse option. Traversing metal poles have carriers for you to attach your drapery pins to and allow you to open and close your curtains using a draw cord. Some styles of metal curtain rods have options for decorative faux rings that snap over the carriers to give your treatment added style.

For curtains that have grommets or for swags and tab-top draperies, you'll need to use a fixed width pole instead of a telescoping or traverse rod. It's important to know the inner diameter of your grommets or tabs before you choose your pole. Fixed width rods from Kirsch have a diameter of one and three-eighths inch. This means your grommet or tab needs to have inner diameter greater than one and three-eighths. Ideally, a two inch grommet or tab is a good idea. This will allow you to freely open and close your curtains.

When it comes to style, Kirsch Drapery Hardware won't disappoint. The new Designer Metals collection offers finials in multiple styles so there's definitely one that will be perfect for your design scheme. And, with finishes ranging from Satin Nickel to Bronze, you won't have any trouble finding a good match that fits in nicely with your living space. And, since the Kirsch brand is famous for their commitment to quality, value and durability, you'll know that you're getting one of the strongest curtain rods available on the market.
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