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Metal Curtain Rods vs. Wood Curtain Rods

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Published: 05-27-2015

Decorative curtain rods can be the final touch of a room. Metal and wood rods are two of the most commonly chosen options, but it can be difficult trying to figure out which one to go with. Let's compare the two briefly.

Wood Curtain Rods

Wooden rods can provide a natural look in a room and are better suited for wider or taller windows. These rods are ideal choices for heavy draperies.

The variation in diameter helps you choose the appropriate rod size for your window. Larger diameters are designed for bigger windows.

Since they aren't hollow, wood curtain rods are less likely to bend or warp.

There are a variety of finishes available and a variety of wood types to choose. Finishes can be light or dark.

You can also choose unfinished rods that you can stain or paint to the color you choose. Common types of wood include cherry, oak, and mahogany.

Wooden rods are also available in a variety of body designs and there is a wide selection of decorative finials that can be added to the ends for a customized look.

Metal Curtain Rods

Similar to their wooden counterparts, metal curtain rods also present a plethora of choices.

These rods are often ideal for normal and smaller sized windows. They are designed to handle most normal weight and sheer style curtains.

Although they can be used in larger windows, this would usually require the use of a middle support bracket – or multiple support brackets – because metal rods are hollow and can bend in the middle.

Metal rods are often chosen for their more modern designs.

Materials used for metal curtain rods include wrought iron, nickel, chrome, stainless steel, and brass. You can find a large selection of finishes such as brushed nickel, rubbed bronze, and matte black. You also have a rainbow of painted colors to choose from.

There are many different finial shapes to choose, including square and bulb shapes.

If your existing decor already utilizes a lot of wood pieces, adding a metal rod will help provide a visual break.

These rods usually do not have to be cut to fit in most cases, unlike wood rods, because they typically come in adjustable size ranges.


While metal curtain rods are often less expensive than wooden variations, you can expect prices to increase based on the material, size range, and of course the brand.

With wood curtain rods, prices are influenced by design, size, type of wood, and whether or not there are charges for cutting the rod to fit. The diameter of the wood rod also affects its price.

Ultimately, the rod you choose will be based on numerous factors. Your budget, window size, existing decor, and type of curtains are all factors that influence which one curtain rod you choose.

Regardless of your choice, always make sure you choose curtain rods that are made with quality in mind and are free from warping or other defects. Thoroughly inspect the rod and be sure it is installed properly to prevent injury.

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