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Motorized Curtain Rods

Operate your draperies with the touch of a button with a motorized curtain rod. Heavy-duty, industrial rods with commercial motors significantly outperform all other competing options. Radio Frequency remotes or wall switches available. Decorative rods are pictured without finials or endcaps so you can get a better look at the track and components.

Remote Control Curtain Rods

Before choosing a motorized curtain rod, make sure to get an accurate weight on your draperies. Most motors for curtain rods have a specific weight limit and you want to make sure that the rod you use will carry the weight of your curtains. There are a few basic motorized or remote control curtain rods available to homeowners. But most of the readily available consumer rods aren't made to carry lined or interlined drapes, and the motors will most likely not hold up over time.

Our selection of motorized curtain rods are specifically designed for use by interior designers, drapery makers and architects. The commercial grade rods are manufactured to carry light, medium and heavy weight fabrics - lined, interlined and black out lined. And, the superior grade componentry and hardware is fabricated to last the lifetime of your treatment.

Most motorized curtain rods have the option for RF (or Radio Frequency) controls. Both hand-held remotes and permanently mounted wall plates are available. With sophisticated home automation systems, RF communication with household features is common. So, you can integrate your motorized rod to your system and operate it automatically, or with the remote or wall switch without having to install physical wires.

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