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Select 1 3/16" Iron Works Drapery Hardware

These designer quality wrought iron curtain rods really make an impact! The large 1 3/16 inch size is perfect for double windows or wide windows where a smaller diameter would appear understated. Accessories for bay windows and ceiling mount treatments are available.

Corner And Bay Treatments Are Simple With Select 1 3/16" Iron Works Drapery Rods

Creating a bay window treatment is easy with Select 1 3/16" Iron Works. This outstanding collection of wrought iron curtain rods includes all the accessories you need to cover your bay or corner window. Plus, you can do it with style! With popular rustic colors like black, copper and pewter, your rods will blend nicely with your home decor.

To create special shapes, all you need is a swivel socket. For a three window bay installation, you'll want to use two swivel sockets, three poles and at least six brackets. Treat each window in your bay as a separate installation, installing your drapery pole on at least two brackets. Then, connect each section of your bay with a swivel socket. You can use a pair or end caps or finials at the end of outermost two sections to complete your design. Getting a precise rod measurement for a bay window is tricky because you have to account for the return distance in your calculations. So, it's best to buy complete sections and trim them down to size at home. It's easy to cut Select 1 3/16" Iron Works rods because of their hollow core construction.

For larger windows, you can combine multiple curtain rods together using the internal splice. Just don't forget to add a support bracket for each splice along your rod. Splices hold the poles together, but they don't provide additional strength, they need to rest on a bracket to remain stable.

Preview Image Shown In:
865 - Black Pewter
For 1 3/16" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Finial
Regular Price: $59.20 - $64.80
Sold Individually
Your Price:
$27.59 - $30.20
Sold Individually
  • 845 - Black
  • 815 - Black Copper
  • 865 - Black Pewter
  • 857 - Sandstone
Available In 4 Finishes
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Select 1 3/16" Iron Works Drapery Hardware Color Options

061 - Bright Zinc
815 - Black Copper
845 - Black
865 - Black Pewter

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