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Select 2 1/4" Wood Drapery Hardware

Decorative traverse rods with and without faux-rings are offered in the Select 2 1/4" Wood curtain rod collection. Stationary wood rod sets are available in sizes from four to sixteen feet. Classic finishes and stylish designs are found throughout!

Select 2 1/4" Wood Curtain Rods Have A Wide Variety Of Options

The two and one-quarter inch wood drapery rods from Select feature both their standard and premium finishes. Standard finishes include colors like White, Oak and Mahogany. And, premium finishes range from Antique Copper and Pewter to Mocha. Just like the wide and varied color choices, the finial selections are also all inclusive. You can find designs from traditional and classical to modern and contemporary within this robust collection. The premium color choices have premium ornate and regal finials, rings and brackets to go along with them as well. No matter what style you're trying to achieve, you'll find the perfect drapery hardware in the two and one-quarter inch collection.

It's becoming popular to mix-and-match product compositions within your window treatment. For example, you can use wood poles and finials with metal brackets and iron rings to create a drapery rod set that's truly unique. The Select two and one-quarter inch collection features several styles of metal and iron brackets and rings. All of these components are available in most of the brilliant Select colors. This gives you the freedom to try different design combinations. And, if your wall space is limited, the metal brackets have a much smaller footprint and can be used in tight spaces were a traditional wood bracket wouldn't work.

The Bradford rings and End Caps are available in the two and one-quarter collection. These pieces work really well together because the design of the End Cap is mirrored in the profile of the ring. The look is enhanced when you have these items finished in one of Select's premium two-toned colors like Gold With Black Wash. The black elements soak into the recessed portion of the design leaving the gold as the prominent color for the raised portions. These drapery hardware pieces really make your window treatment stand out.

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S40 - Charcoal
For 2 1/4" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Bracket
Regular Price: $36.66
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Select 2 1/4" Wood Drapery Hardware Color Options

945 - Gold With Black Wash
955 - Mocha
960 - Platinum
965 - Antique Pewter
S03 - Mahogany
S17 - Bronze
S23 - Vintage Gold
S45 - Black
S47 - Black Walnut
S50 - White
S52 - Linen
S55 - Walnut
S76 - Unfinished

Select 2 1/4" Collection Sample Kit

Select Wood Sample Deck With All Standard And Limited Color Chips
Buy Select Wood Sample Deck With All Standard And Limited Color Chips

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