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Select 3/4" Iron Works Drapery Hardware

Perfect for any window, the Select 3/4" Iron Works collection has all of the popular decorator colors you're looking for. With finials from traditional to modern, these designer quality curtain rods are perfect for any style decor.

Wrought Iron Curtain Rods In 3/4" Scale From Select

The Select 3/4" Iron Works collection of wrought iron curtain rods includes all the components you need to cover any window. Traditional wrought iron style finials like Ball, Avalon and Cypress provide a warm, rustic feel and look great with any interior design. Classic iron finishes like black or copper coordinate well with just about any fabric or color scheme.

Since the Select 3/4" Iron Works collection is constructed using hollow core drapery rods, there is a significant reduction in weight when compared to traditional solid iron rods. These lighter weight window treatments allow you more flexibility for installation. If you need a ceiling mount treatment, a coordinating ceiling bracket is available. And, it's easy to create bay window or corner window shapes using swivel sockets.

If you window is long and you want to open and close your drapery with rings, you may want to use bypass brackets and bypass rings - sometimes called c-rings. With any style curtain rod, you'll need to use a bracket every four feet or so across your window to keep your treatment stable. When you use bypass brackets, your drapery with rings will be able to move past the support brackets easily allowing you to fully operate your curtains across your window span. Both the standard and bypass rings include a liner which helps the ring glide more smoothly across the drapery pole.

Preview Image Shown In:
815 - Black Copper
Drapery Hardware Type: Pole
Regular Price: $57.50 - $63.25
Your Price:
$29.82 - $32.81
  • 845 - Black
  • 865 - Black Pewter
  • 857 - Sandstone
  • 815 - Black Copper
Available In 4 Finishes
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Select 3/4" Iron Works Drapery Hardware Color Options

815 - Black Copper
845 - Black
865 - Black Pewter

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