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Select 3/4" Metal Drapery Hardware

Brass, Nickel and Bronze finishes combined with unique finial and end cap designs are highlights of the Select 3/4" Metal collection. Bypass brackets are available so you can move your curtains across wide spans, and swivel sockets are perfect for bay and corner installations.

Select 3/4" Metal Curtain Rods Feature Classic And Modern Designs

Metal Drapery Hardware is a very popular style for window treatments. Metal curtain rods and drapery rods work great with grommet, tab-top and traditional pleated draperies and they offer a more contemporary and modern look over a traditional wood pole. The Select three-quarter inch metal collection has all of the tending styles and color you're looking for. Choose from classic, traditional or modern finials in finishes like Graphite, Brushed Brass, Nickel or Bronze.

Metal Curtain Rods from the Select three-quarter inch collection can be cut down to size before they're sent to you. Metal drapery rods in this collection are available in sizes from four feet to twelve feet. And, this collection features an internal curtain rod splice that allows you to join two poles together to reach a longer length. If you decide to join poles together, don't forget to add a center support bracket where to the two pole sections come together. Your window treatment needs to be supported at the splice point.

For easy of drapery operation, bypass style rings and brackets are available in the Select three-quarter inch collection. Bypass rings, sometimes called c-rings, when used with special bypass brackets, allow you to open and close your drapery past support brackets along your drapery rod. With traditional solid rings and brackets, your curtain won't be able to move past the first support bracket it encounters on your pole. But, with bypass rings and brackets, you can gently side your fabric and rings past the brackets. This allows you to install extra brackets to provide additional support for heavy curtains or extra-long windows.

The three-quarter inch scale of this collection looks great on regular size windows. Keep perspective in mind when choosing your drapery hardware diameter. Smaller diameter curtain rods look best on regular size windows. If you use a small diameter pole on a really long window, it may look out-of-scale even though it does a fine job handling the weight of your draperies.

With the many styles and finishes in the Select three-quarter inch metal collection, you're sure to find the perfect curtain rod for your interior design.

Preview Image Shown In:
S22 - Satin Brass
For 3/4" Diameter Drapery Rods
Drapery Hardware Type: Accessory
Regular Price: $60.38 - $67.56
Your Price:
$31.32 - $35.04
  • S67 - Steel
  • S27 - Brushed Brass
  • S07 - Bronze
  • S46 - Matte Black
  • S22 - Satin Brass
  • S48 - Graphite
  • S68 - Polished Nickel
  • S65 - Gunmetal
Available In 8 Finishes
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Select 3/4" Metal Drapery Hardware Color Options

S07 - Bronze
S22 - Satin Brass
S27 - Brushed Brass
S46 - Matte Black
S48 - Graphite
S65 - Gunmetal
S67 - Steel
S68 - Polished Nickel

Select 3/4" Metal Collection Sample Kit

Samples Select Metal Sample Deck
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Samples Select Metal Sample Deck
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