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Six Drapery Styles And When To Use Them

Written By:
Published: 09-16-2015

Understanding and choosing draperies style for your home can be challenging, but the following styles are some of easiest and most fashion-forward ones out there. Take a look at them to get some great ideas you can really use to make your windows wow!

Tab Top Drapery

This popular and contemporary style of drapery hangs by broad fabric tabs located at the top. They have a multitude of uses in the home. These include the addition of blackout curtains to an east-facing window in a bedroom with modern or contemporary decor or adding drapery to a home theater or game room. Many student apartments feature tab top drapery. They are an informal style that is generally quite budget-friendly too.

Ring Top Drapery

These draperies are held up by decorative rings that can be customized by decor and color scheme, making this style incredibly versatile and easy to alter slightly throughout the year to good effect. Changing the rings can be done easily and often quite inexpensively, such as using brass during the holiday season or lighter colors in summer, while maintaining the same high-quality draperies in the room. This style is best for living rooms and dining areas or in more traditionally decorated bedrooms.

Grommet Top Drapery

Essentially, in this drapery design, a ring or grommet is made into the fabric of the draperies. This provides a more modern or industrial look that it growing in popularity, although the style remains quite versatile. This design is often paired with vivid colors for the best effect. They look smartest in teen bedrooms, home offices, and casual living rooms or loft apartments. Brushed nickle grommets are one way to give them more flair.

Tie Top Drapery

This style is popular with junk style or shabby-chic decor, especially when the draperies themselves are made from gauzy or old-fashioned laced fabrics. The tie tops look best in white, but after available in many subtle hues. These draperies look especially nice in settings with lots of natural woods, light colors, and sophisticated pastels. A young woman’s bedroom, hobby space, or bonus room would all look quite pleasing with draperies in this style. A country kitchen is another possibility for them.

Smocked Drapery

Drapes with a smocked heading have a feminine quality to them that can add sophistication and elegance to rooms that might otherwise feel plain and unadorned. For rooms that need crown molding, but lack that detail, a well-done set of smocked draperies can add the gravitas without any carpentry required. Smocked style can be combined with the ring style above as well for a truly unique and elegant look. Master bedrooms or formal dining rooms can benefit from these, although they are likely to look out of place or fusty when paired with modern decor.

Draperies have the ability to mold the character of a room, making it feel more casual or more formal, more contemporary or more classical. Choosing the right drapes can change how you think about nearly any room in the home for the better.

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