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Custom Curtain Rod Guide > Spliced Fascia And Track Limits

Designer Drapery Hardware Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod Guide
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  • “My Rod Is So Big It Has To Be Spliced. Or, I’m Having The Rod Made In Sections To Save On Semi-Truck Fees - Won’t You See The Seam In The Fascia?”
Decorative traverse fascia spliced on a smooth decorative curtain rod Decorative traverse fascia spliced on a fluted curtain rod

Yes, you’ll see the seam in the fascia. There really isn’t a way to get around it. Fluted or Reeded fascia seems to make the seam less noticeable; probably because your eye focuses on the horizontal flutes, not the seam. And, solid, darker finishes tend to make the seam appear less pronounced. For wood fascia, furniture touch-up sticks can be used during install to blend in the seam.

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  • “What’s The Difference Between Fluted And Reeded Fascia? Sometimes, I See Fluted And Reeded Used Interchangeably.”
Fluted and Reeded Fascia for Decorative Traverse Drapery Rods

For the most part, it really depends on the brand of Decorative Traverse Rod. Some brands use the term fluted while some use the term reeded. Typically, with fluted fascia, the grooves are spaced further apart. And reeded drapery rods have a “bumpy” appearance since the grooves are close together. Typically, all 1 3/8” diameter fluted fascia is “reeded”, even if it’s referred to as fluted. It’s best to pay attention to the example images and not the terminology.

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  • “I Want A Double Decorative Traverse, I See Most All Rods Only Have 1 3/8” Fascia On The Rear Rod, But A Few Allow 2“ - How Does That Work? Is There Room?”
Double decorative traverse curtain rods

For the rear track on a Decorative Traverse Curtain Rod, there’s room for unaltered 1 3/8” fascia on the back, but larger diameter fascia, like 2”, needs to be cut down. It looks odd from the side, but appears perfectly natural when seen from the front. Your finials or end caps will conceal the alterations when viewed from the side.

Track And Fascia Limitations

Maximum Single Piece Fascia Width
Maximum Width For One-Way Draw
Maximum Single Piece Track Width

*There are a couple of tracks available up to 240” as a continuous piece, but 192” is the max single piece width for most.

Maximum Single Piece Width For UPS or Fed-Ex Delivery, Single Piece Rods Over 103” Must Ship Via Semi-Truck

Semi-Truck fees range from $150 to $325. Most split draw rods under 206” may be spliced to avoid the semi-truck fee.

One-Way Draw
One-Way Draw rods have additional limitations for both size and fabric weight. Typically, one-way draw rods can handle about 65% of the fabric weight specified for a split-draw rod. One-way draw rods must be made in continuous sections and can not be spliced.

Heavy-Duty & Decorative Curtain Rod Selection & Installation Guide
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