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Unusual Drapery Fabrics You Should Consider

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Published: 09-09-2015
Drapery Fabrics For Curtain Rods

When you're decorating your home, you probably don't want the same old humdrum curtains that everyone else has. Maybe you want to choose something a little unusual and out of the ordinary; yet you probably also want your curtains to be appropriate for the rooms they're hanging in, and not stand out as looking weird or oddball. To add spectacular visual interest to every room in your home, consider trying any of the following unusual drapery fabrics.

Burnout Fabrics Make Elegant Draperies

"Burnout" is a word that refers to a special chemical printing process which burns away areas of the fabric, leaving a three-dimensional pattern behind. Burnout fabrics are often velvets, which make spectacular and visually interesting draperies. They'll add a rich, elegant look to your home decor. They're appropriate for use in bedrooms, formal living rooms, and many other types of environments. Curtains made up in this type of fabrication would be well suited for decorating traditional style homes, transitional style homes and also some contemporary homes.

Create Curtains That Sparkle With Sequinned Fabrics

When designing the draperies for your home, you can take a cue from theatrical curtains you'd find at a dance company or theatre troup — make them sparkle! Sequinned fabrics could make really spectacular window dressing. However, if you plan to implement this, it's wise to choose decorator fabrics rather than fabrics meant for apparel. These could be interesting in any room, but they’d be especially seductive in a bedroom environment. They could also be an interesting inclusion in the living room, dining room or elsewhere in the home.

Design Charming Rustic Curtains With Burlap Fabric

Burlap would make a simple and visually pleasing statement in a rustic home or country style home. It would also be an interesting addition to the decor in certain contemporary or modern style homes. Curtains made of plain weave burlap fabric would look great in any room, but would be particularly well-suited for use in kitchens and dining nooks.

Faux Fur Fabrics Add Design Drama to curtains

Faux fur could make touchable, luxurious curtains appropriate for the bedroom, guest room or other rooms. They'd be an interesting alternative to the classic velvet draperies so many people end up using. Faux furs are available in a wide range of prints, colors, and fur lengths, so you'll have plenty of choices available. Bonus points if you get enough of the same fur to make matching throws or pillows for use in the same room of the home.

Those are just a few of the unusual fabrics you could use for creating custom curtains for your home. There are many other types of fabrics that would work just as well; perhaps these ideas have sparked your imagination with some other creative possibilities for curtain fabrics you might want to explore.

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