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What Do Your Drapes Say About You?

Written By:
Published: 05-20-2015

Curtain Rod With DrapesA person can tell a great deal about you by the way your house looks. The accessories that you have in the home can reveal secrets about your personality even if you never speaks a word about it.

For example, your sofa style can tell visitors whether you are a cozy person or if you prefer to have a great deal of space between yourself and the other person. The material of the sofa can tell people whether you are messy or tidy.

In the same manner, your drapes can tell people a great deal about your personality.

The Color of Your Drapes Will Reveal Your Overall Mood

You will use a drape color that closely aligns with your overall mood.

Black is the color of death and depression, and black drapes may send the wrong vibe to your visitors. On the other hand, black can be a symbol of seriousness and elegance.

The best way to avoid sending the wrong message to visitors is to purchase black drapes that have another color mixed with them. An extra color can add a new dimension to an otherwise dull setup.

The Design Describes Your Interests

The design that you choose for your drapes will give people clues about your interests and preferences. Solid one-color drape selections are those of a serious person who prefers all work and no play.

Drapes that bear abstract art usually belong to an artistic person who likes visual stimulation.

The Style of Your Drapes Discloses Your Comfort Level

The style of your drapes can disclose a lot about your comfort and security levels.

For example, drapes with rod-pocket panels could paint a picture of you as an inviting person. If you use drapes with pleated panels, then you are most likely trying to keep people’s eyes from inside your home. This style says that you are not inviting, and you like to keep to yourself.

Drapes that are on panels with rings are in between the two previously mentioned styles.

The Length of Your Drapes Speak of Your Organizational Preferences

You can tell people about yourself by the length of the drapes you choose. Short drapes are choices for people who do not like messes. If you are serious about organization, symmetry and tidiness, you will most likely have short drapes.

Long drapes are for people who prefer the elegance of longevity. Such people will not mind having several feet of drapes hanging down to the floor.

Finding the Right Drapes

A smorgasbord of drapes is available. You can choose the ones that fit your requirements for size, color, design and frame.

A drapery expert can take the time to show you the drapes that fit your unique personality closely. Such a person will spend time getting to know you so that he or she can find a custom set of drapes just for you.

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