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Wood Drapery Hardware Components

For decades, wood curtain rods have been the mainstay for window treatments. Probably because they're available in any style and any finish you can imagine. Regardless of your interior design, there's a wood collection that's going to be the perfect match!

Classic Stains And Faux-Finishes Are Highlights Of Wood Curtain Rods

Wooden curtain rods are available either painted or stained. Stained rods are popular because the natural wood grain is enhanced. Painted rods are great for solid colors like white or black or for faux-finishes like antique bronze or aged gold. Given the finish you choose, wood curtain rods can take on just about style and blend seamlessly with your fabric or home decor.

The two most popular pole styles for wood drapery hardware are smooth or fluted. Fluted wood curtain rods are sometimes referred to as reeded or grooved. But, they all mean the same thing - the pole is lined with flutes or grooves. Fluted poles are a great option for faux-finishes because the grooves naturally absorb more of the finish and appear darker which provides a nice contrast. Other pole styles like twisted and even faux-bamboo are available.

The majority of finials available in wood style collections are made from resin, not wood. With the elaborate design of many finials, it would be nearly impossible to hand carve them from a block of wood. Some basic finial designs are available as true hand-carved pieces. You can always check the product material to see if the finial you want is resin or carved wood.

Mixing and matching components between styles has become very popular. It's not uncommon to use metal brackets or shiny chrome finials on wooden curtain rods. These mixed material collections allow you to create a window treatment that really stands out.

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S52 - Linen
Drapery Hardware Type: Holdback
Regular Price: $58.22 - $77.63
Sold By The Pair
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$28.69 - $38.25
Sold By The Pair
  • S76 - Unfinished
  • S55 - Walnut
  • S50 - White
  • S45 - Black
  • S03 - Mahogany
  • 965 - Antique Pewter
  • 960 - Platinum
  • 955 - Mocha
  • 945 - Gold With Black Wash
  • S52 - Linen
  • S47 - Black Walnut
  • S23 - Vintage Gold
  • S17 - Bronze
Available In 13 Finishes
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