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Yes, There Is A Difference Between Curtain Rods And Drapery Rods

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Published: 08-26-2015

First off: what is the difference between a curtain and a drapery? In today’s world, a drapery is the kind of curtain that will completely close the window off to the room. A curtain, by today’s standards, is an unlined piece of fabric that is meant to be decorative. So…does it really matter what kind of rod is used to hang a curtain versus a drapery?

Drapery Rods

Drapery rods are usually made of metal. Finishes in silver, bronze, and nickel are often available.

They are what most people think of when they think of curtain rods. Usually, there is a decorative knob on both ends of the rod to hold the drapery on the rod and prevent the rings from falling off either end. They are more durable and rugged. These are meant to hold heavier or longer draperies.

The knobs on the ends of drapery rods can vary. Some are simple knobs while others have a tapered point. Others still are ornamented with curlicue designs or cut out to look like a fleur-de-lis or a circular cage. Some are hexagonal and others are rectangular.

The poles themselves are circular metal poles. Some are telescopic (meaning they extend on their own) while others are not. They average between sixty inches to a hundred and eighty inches wide. Lengths depend on where the drapery will be hung (IE how long the window is).

Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are made to take less weight. Often they are made thinner than drapery rods. However, they are available in a wider variety of materials. Wood and metal are two of the most popular materials for curtain rods.

Diameter wise, curtain rods average a little less than half an inch to an inch thick. The length is a little more fixed on curtain rods. They are often long enough for a standard window.

Some curtain rods are no more than metal sheets meant to be threaded through the curtains. Be careful with these as they are often incredibly cheap and snag the fabric.

Decorative knobs are available for curtain rods as well. Often they are round and polished. Some are rectangular and clear, while others are shaped and opaque. Some are square. It all depends on where they are being purchased.


Drapery rods and curtain rods are both used to hold up fabric. That is the main idea of the rods. Both are supported with hooks. The hooks for drapery rods are thicker to support the weight while the curtain rods are supported with slightly less.

Little rings are often sold with both. The rings either open up to go through matching places on the curtains or draperies or have clips to hang the curtains or draperies. Often the rings are sold in a variety of colors to match all decors. Popular colors are white, bronze and black. These are meant to match the finishes on the rods themselves.

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