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Why You Can Never Have Too Many Drapery Rings
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You’ve just finishing hanging your gorgeous new window treatment and it turns out you have a couple of bags of drapery rings and maybe a bracket or two left over.   Great! You can return them or take them back to the store and put a few dollars back in your pocket – or, you could tuck them away in the hall closet and in a few years, those left over drapery r... (Keep Reading)
When Is It Time To Upgrade To A Heavy-Duty Curtain Rod
Published In: Basic Curtain Rods
Adjustable, telescoping basic white curtain rods have been the "go-to" product in the window treatment industry for decades. They're relatively inexpensive, easy to hang, plus they quickly adjust to fit your window. With the popularity of thicker, heavier, lined or interlined draperies, you may find that a pre-packaged curtain rod isn't the right choice for your win... (Keep Reading)
Great Curtain Rod Options For Patio Doors
Published In: Design Tips
Treating a patio door with curtains can be a difficult task. Especially if you use the area frequently and are continuously in and out of the door. Plus, if you want to close the curtains at night, you'll need an operable treatment. More often than not, you'll want a one-way draw unless you have plenty of wall space at both ends of the glass to accommodate the stac... (Keep Reading)

We're here to make drapery hardware simple, quick and easy. That's probably why we've consistently been the number one choice for professional interior designers and homeowners for the last twelve years. And, we look forward to helping you find the perfect curtain rod or accessory for your window treatment.

If you browsing for some inspiration, a great place to start is Kirsch Drapery Hardware. Kirsch has set the standard in the industry for decades. And with wood, metal and wrought iron options, their extensive line has something for any room decor. Kirsch Superfine traverse rods are available in our Basic Curtain Rods section and custom heavy-duty curtain rods can be made to order in as little as three days.

Decorative Traverse Rods combine the beauty of a traditional wood or metal pole with the functionality of a traversing curtain rod. Don't settle for plain white rod when there are so many functional decorative options to choose from. Kirsch, Select & House Parts drapery rods are all available as Decorative Traverse.

Decorative curtain rods & drapery hardware.

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