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Drapery Hardware Knowledge Base

Kirsch Designer Metals curtain rods, guides and articles
Published In: Measure & Install
You’ve just finishing hanging your gorgeous new window treatment and it turns out you have a couple of bags of drapery rings and maybe a bracket or two left over.   Great! You can return them or take them back to the store and put a few do... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Basic Curtain Rods
Adjustable, telescoping basic white curtain rods have been the "go-to" product in the window treatment industry for decades. They're relatively inexpensive, easy to hang, plus they quickly adjust to fit your window. With the popularity of thic... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Treating a patio door with curtains can be a difficult task. Especially if you use the area frequently and are continuously in and out of the door. Plus, if you want to close the curtains at night, you'll need an operable treatment. More ofte... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Measure & Install
One of the most frequently asked questions that our Customer Service team helps with is creating a bay window treatment using decorative drapery hardware. That's probably because it's not entirely clear from the product collections exactly how ... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Halloween is upon us once again, and that's when everything is supposed to be scary. Unfortunately, that's a little tricky for us. Drapery rods aren't exactly scary. In fact, some would say that they're downright comforting. Instead, we ... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
Fall is upon us once again, and Halloween is just around the corner. Decorating for the season is a holiday tradition for many, and creepy-looking decorations are being put up in homes and yards all over. If you're looking to avoid the mass-m... (Keep Reading)
Published In: Design Tips
For most homeowners, fall is a time for performing routine maintenance like sealing up drafty windows and tuning the furnace or HVAC system. It's also a great time to give your home's interior a refresh in the looks department. You needn't spen... (Keep Reading)
Published In: General
Becoming an interior designer is truly a rewarding experience. Not only will a designer's work directly impact clients, but also whoever happens to step into their home or business. There is instant gratification as a designer starts to transfor... (Keep Reading)
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