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Curtain Rods

Basic Curtain Rods

Basic non-decorative curtain rods are a mainstay in the window fashion industry for valances, sheers and rod-pocket style draperies. Traverse rods are used for operable curtains and standard or lockseam curtain rods are typically used with pocket, tab or grommet sheers or valances. Smaller sash or cafe curtain rods are available for door or side-light windows.

Curtain Rods For Everyday Use

Curtain rods are available in three main categories - traverse, standard and specialty. There are an almost limitless number of sub-types for basic metal curtain rods, but most all windows can be covered using one of these major styles. To figure out which rod you'll need for your treatment, look at your drapery to see if it should open and close with a cord. If so, then you'll need a traverse rod. Traverse rods come in three basic draw styles - split, sometimes called center draw, and one-way draw left and one-way draw right.

If your drapery has a rod pocket, then you'll want to buy a standard curtain rod. The rod-pocket depth will determine which rod to buy. If the pocket is about an inch or so, then a standard lockseam curtain rod is the right choice. If the pocket depth is three or four inches, then a wide-face continental curtain rod will most likely be the way to go. Draperies or valances with rod pockets don't open and close, so a cord draw rod won't work.

Specialty curtain rods include sash, cafe, utility as well as bay and corner rods. Of course, sash and cafe rods can only be used on extremely light-weight fabrics or sheers. You'll typically use one of these rods on a door or side-light. While there are a few ready-made curtain rods for bay windows, you'll probably want to consider a heavy-duty custom rod. A custom rod will fit better, operate more smoothly and last a lot longer.

If you're having trouble finding the perfect rod, then use our Virtual Designer application. We'll guide you the rod you need by asking a few easy questions.
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