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House Parts Drapery Hardware

House Parts Drapery Hardware

Wooden curtain rods, metal and wrought iron drapery hardware at a great price. House Parts drapery rods are an excellent choice for any room in your home. With antiqued finishes like Historical Gold and Bronze, it's easy to find a color that will match your interior design. Smooth, fluted and reeded wood rods are available.

Drapery Rods With Amazing Style At An Affordable Price From House Parts

House Parts Curtain Rods

Great looking drapery hardware doesn't have to cost a fortune. House Parts combines style with affordability. If you only want it to look like you spent a fortune on your drapery rods, then see what House Parts has to offer.

House Parts is a premium manufacturer of high-end decorative drapery hardware. They bring to you every style of curtain rod that you could need for your window treatment. Offering you selections in wrought iron, metal, and wood, you are certain to find exactly what you're after when you start your drapery hardware search with House Parts.

If you need a low-cost metal curtain rod, then take a look at either the House Parts wrought iron collection or the one and one-quarter inch metal pole set selections. You'll find fantastic looking curtain rods in both of these categories. And, the price point simply can't be beat. These easy to install telescoping rods are both affordable and beautiful.

Available in every style from rustic to contemporary, they are sure to match your home decor.

If wooden drapery rods are more your style, then House Parts has you covered. You will find all of the most popular curtain rod sizes available from House Parts. With wood drapery poles available in smooth, fluted, twisted and bamboo there is a drapery pole from House Parts to match every room in your house. And, with the wide range of finials, rings, and brackets, all finished in popular stains and faux paints, you can create a stunning window treatment no matter what your budget.

And, don't forget accessorize your window. Choose from a wide assortment of medallions and tiebacks. Or, add a drapery baton, wand, or other embellishment, all specially created to complement the House Parts decorative drapery hardware collections.

One of the greatest things about House Parts drapery hardware is their stunning assortment of colors and finishes. Typically, you'd have to pay a lot more to get designer grade two-toned finishes like the ones featured in their collections. Two of the most popular colors are Historical Gold and Antique Bronze. No matter which color you choose, it will look great for years to come.

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