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Decorative Traverse Rods

Decorative Traverse Rods

Decorative traverse rods look like a wood or metal drapery pole, but function just like a heavy-duty curtain rod. Decorative traverse rods are your perfect option for large windows and sliding glass patio doors. The heavy-duty construction will carry even the heaviest drapery with ease. Plus, one-way draw isn't a problem because the support brackets don't get in the way of the carriers or faux-rings.

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When you need to open and close your curtains frequently, decorative traverse rods are a great solution. Stationary wood and metal poles look great, but they're meant to be decorative, not necessarily functional. If your drapes are long of if your window is wide, you may find that it's not as easy to draw your drapes by hand as you had hoped. And, if you need a one-way draw, traditional stationary poles aren't a very good option.

Decorative wood or metal traverse rods look just like their stationary counterparts when installed, but they function like a heavy-duty traverse rod. With ball-bearing or wheeled carriers, your curtains will open and close with ease, even over large windows or sliding glass patio doors. Plus, you won't need to worry about the brackets getting in the way. Brackets for decorative traverse rods snap in from behind and don't interfere with the drapery in any way.

Many rods have the option to add faux-ring carriers to enhance the decorative appeal of the curtain rod. It doesn't matter which style you want, you can create any look for any window with these functional and beautiful drapery rods.

If you don't know where to start, try our Virtual Designer! We'll guide you to the perfect decorative traverse rod by asking a few easy questions.
Decorative Traverse Rods Work Like Regular Curtain Rods
Heavy-Duty components like ball-bearing or wheeled carriers make Decorative Traverse Rods one of the strongest curtain rods available!
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