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Color Matching And Product Policy

Kirsch Wooden Curtain Rods

Mixing-And-Matching Components:

Drapery hardware components like brackets, rings and finials are always specifically made to fit the poles and accessories from within their own collection. And, even if the stated matching diameter is the same, subtle differences in the manufacturing process may prevent an accessory from properly fitting a pole or rod from a different brand or collection – even if the stated diameter is the same. For this reason, we can not offer suggestions or guidance relating to mixing-and-matching components from different collections, or for using a component or accessory with your pre-existing pole or treatment. We can only advise that each component will work with the poles and accessories offered within its own collection.

Matching Colors From Website Images:

Every computer monitor displays colors differently. We can not guarantee a match to the color that you are seeing on your computer screen while visiting our website. We can not guarantee a match to any color displayed in any publication, file or brochure available for download at our website.

You may want to consider ordering a low-cost item, like a ring, finished in the color of your choice before placing your entire order should you like to see a finished example in the color you are considering. Alternately, you may contact us to inquire about color sample chips for your desired collection. However, most of our collections have sample chips available only in collection binders which may cost up to $150 to purchase. The purchase price of a sample binder or sample chip is completely refundable (less round-trip freight) as long as you place an order with us for product. Once you place an order for product, you can arrange a return of the sample kit and we'll issue a refund back to your payment method for the cost of the samples (less round-trip freight) once we receive the sample kit back in our offices.

Colors Or Finishes With Similar Names:

Please take note of the three digit color number (or code) beside the name of your color or finish when reviewing your order. If the color number (or code) is different, even if the names are similar, they will not match.

Color Variation Between Items In Your Order:

A slight variation in color or finish between items on the same order is expected when ordering high-end decorative home products. In many cases your item will be hand-finished - the process makes each item unique, but variations are to be expected. Also, items made of different materials take paint or stain differently. A resin finial and a wood pole may appear slightly different due to the fact that wood and resin take paint or stain differently.

To reduce the chance of color variation - make sure to order everything you need for your window treatment together at the same time. Even stock drapery hardware is fabricated partially by hand and in batches. Ordering everything together ensures all of the stock will come from the same batch. We can not guarantee a color match between orders placed at different times.

Color Variations That Are More Than Slight:

We will ask that you send us a digital photograph of your item. We will forward your photograph to the fabricator in order to determine the degree of variation.

When ordering custom product you must agree that the fabricator will have final "say" as to what constitutes an unacceptable degree of variation. As our customer, we will strongly advocate for you to receive a replacement item. However, we are bound by the decisions made by the fabricators and distributors that we represent.

Remedies For Color Variations:

For Custom or Special Order (Non-Returnable) Items: When placing an order, you must agree that the sole remedy for disputes regarding color variation is the replacement of the item(s) in question by the fabricator and that the fabricator will have final "say" as to what constitutes an unacceptable degree of variation. Cash refunds will not be given on custom items due to color variation.

For Stock (Returnable) Items: If you're unhappy with the color or finish, you can return your order under the guidelines found in our Return Policy. Variations in color and all color matching issues will not waive the published Restocking Fee or Round-Trip Freight Deductions. For this reason, we strongly encourage our customers to order either the Sample kit or a low-cost item to see the actual color before placing large orders.

Using A Connector Or Joiner Screw:

By making use of a pole joiner, you'll be able to combine two smaller poles together to reach a longer width. For example, you could use two six foot poles to cover a twelve foot window. Installing a support at the spot where the two drapery rods come together is required whenever you use a pole joiner of any kind. The joiner does not offer enough support to stabilize the rod, it just keeps the two poles together. Make sure that you have ample space to hang the center support before you decide to buy two poles reach a greater width. Also, make sure not to tack-on off-size poles. All joins must be either dead center or equidistant. Each pole section must be the same width to distribute weight evenly.

Natural Wood Products

Wood Poles: Upon arrival, you may notice a slight bow to your wood pole. This slight bow is a natural and expected occurrence. Install your wood pole with the bow protruding upward. After a short amount of time, the weight of your treatment will even out the pole.

Expected wood pole bowing is about 1/4 inch per five linear feet. If you experience bowing greater than this; or, if the bow effects the operation of the rings, please lay your pole on a flat surface and send us an image so we can work with the fabricator on a remedy or replacement.

Wood Pole Pilot Holes: The pilot hole in a Wood Pole is rarely perfectly centered. This is not a defect or indicative of sloppy workmanship. You should expect a variance of up to 1/4". When the finial or abutting pole is attached, simply rotate the pole until you're satisfied with the presentation. Decorative wood drapery products are meant to be "decorative"; you will always notice variation in hand-crafted wood style items. Not all variations are defects.

What Is A Custom Or Special Order Product?

Any product that does not have a Restocking Fee is considered a Custom or Special Order Product. You can find out if an item is custom or special order by visiting the item page.

We'll also tell you if an item is custom in your "Shopping Cart" when you review your order.

Self-Installation & Instructions

Most Custom and Special Order, high-end drapery hardware is not going to come with pre-printed instructions. Designer Brand drapery hardware is typically installed by an interior designer, drapery maker or workroom or trained drapery installer. Therefore, manufacturers do not include pre-printed instructions for most products

But, most of the time, this is not an issue - most window treatments install very easily and the steps are self-evident. However, in some case, you may need to consider hiring a drapery installer to help you.

Cut-To-Custom Size Stock Rods And Poles

Many stock wood, metal and wrought iron style poles can be cut to a custom size before shipping. However, requesting a custom size pole makes that pole a non-returnable item.

Most all eight foot product is cut-down by default to 92 inches so you don't have to pay the LP Surcharge during shipping. Full 96 inch poles may be requested by changing the Cut-To-Custom Size box to 96 (freight surcharges will apply)

Custom cut wood poles will show splintering around the cut ends of approximately 1/4 inch. This is a normal and expected result of cutting down pre-finished wood products. The exterior lip of the finial you buy to use with your pole will cover the chipping. Or, you can use furniture touch-up markers.

What Makes An Item Custom Or Special Order?

Our fabricators generally designate an item as "custom" if it has to be specially made, configured or painted just for you after you order it. "Special Order" items are unusual pieces that are not stocked by our warehouses.

What Happens After I Place An Order For A Custom Or Special Order Item?

All orders that contain custom or special order items first go into our Custom Order Queue where they are hand-reviewed by one of our Drapery Hardware Experts. We examine your order for common errors like color mis-match, size mis-match or items that are missing, such as an order with rings, poles and brackets but no finials. If we find an issue, we'll contact you for further information.

Once the order has been sent to our fabricator, you can not make any changes or cancel your order.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Custom Or Special Order Item?

Each collection and fabricator that we carry has their own unique production schedule. Our fabricators update us frequently with their production times and we post this information on each item's page. We also post the lead time in your "Shopping Cart".

Highly customized items may take more than 15 business days to ship. Non-customized, or stock, items may ship the same or next business day. Once your order ships, you should allow between 3 and 5 business days to receive your order. The posted "Usually Ships In" lead times do not include the time it takes for your order to travel from our fabricator to your location.

Although infrequent, production delays may occur. When a production delay occurs, we will revise your Estimated Ship Date. You can check your Estimated Ship Date from your My Account Home Screen.  If your Estimated Ship Date is revised more that five business days; we'll alert you via eMail Notification. If your Estimated Ship Date is bumped back more than five business days, as long as production has not started, the eMail we send will give you the option to wait on your order or cancel your order for a full refund. If you need to cancel your order because of a production delay, you must respond to our notification eMail within 48 hours, otherwise, your order will be released into production and it can not be cancelled as long as the revised Estimated Ship Date is met. If production has already started, you can't cancel your order - even if your Estimated Ship Date has been revised.

The posted "Usually Ships In" lead times are estimates and you can not cancel a custom or special order item once production begins even if the Estimated Ship Date or actual ship date is longer than the posted "Usually Ships In" time - Usually Ships In times are estimates only, your order may take longer or it may ship more quickly. Special Shapes like bends, curves or bay make add an additional 5 to 10 Business Days to our published "Usually Ships In" time.

Can I Return A Custom Or Special Order Item?

Our fabricators who make custom items or finish custom items have a restriction on returns that prevents Designer Drapery Hardware, LLC from being able to accept returns, offer credits, or offer exchanges for any reason. All custom made items, custom finished items and special order items can not be returned for any reason. No cash refunds will be given on custom made or custom finished items. Any order for custom made or custom finished items that is refused by the customer upon a delivery attempt will not be credited to the customer's credit card.

Contract Sales Orders

Any order that is over $5,000 and sold to you at a price lower than that available to the general public is a Contract Sales Order. Contract Sales Orders may be placed via fax or online through our DDH-PRO Program. The Terms Of Sale are different for Contract Sales Orders as follows:

Contract Sales Orders ship directly from the manufacturer or fabricator and may take longer than our published Usually Ships In time.

Contract Sales Orders can not be changed, cancelled or returned. We're able to extend special pricing to you for large orders because they ship direct. But, we must also pass along the restrictions placed upon us by the manufacturer or fabricator to obtain the discounted pricing.

Contract Sales Orders may be delivered by regular ground carriers (like UPS or Fed-Ex) or via common carrier (18-wheeler). If your order will be delivered via common carrier, please refer to our guidelines for a semi-truck delivery.

Do not refuse delivery of a Contract Sales Order. Contract Sales Orders ship directly from the manufacturer or fabricator and refused deliveries return goods to those locations. Both we and the manufacturer or fabricator may be unaware of your refusal and a refund will not issued. Refusing delivery of an order that you've asked us to prepare for you at a special discount, directly with the manufacturer or fabricator, is a breach of contract. We won't be able to issue a refund or cover the cost of reshipment.

Contract Sales Orders must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

The above mentioned Terms supersede all standard Terms Of Sale outline on our website. We understand that there may be certain extenuating circumstances for which you may need to change or cancel a Contract Sales Order. Should such a situation occur, we will work with you and the manufacturer or fabricator in an attempt to accommodate your needs.

Can I Get A Refund On Freight Or Shipping Fees If It Takes Longer Than I Expect?

No. Under no circumstances can we refund shipping or freight fees once your order has been processed. No cash refunds are available for shipping or freight fees. Under certain circumstances, freight credits may be issued in the form of "store credit" (Only if the shipping method was changed after the order was billed).

Our published shipping times are "Usually Ships In", not "Always Ships In" - please remember you're ordering custom, hand-made product and the production time will vary. Special Shapes like bends, curves or bay make add an additional 5 to 10 Business Days to our published "Usually Ships In" time.

What If My Custom Or Special Order Product Arrives Incorrect, Damaged Or Is Defective?

If you experience damage during shipping, or if your product is incorrect or defective: When you place your order, you must agree that your sole remedy is the replacement of the defective item by our fabricators. All remakes or reships are bumped to the head of the line in production.  But, remakes or reships will arrive by the same shipping method as the original order. Manufacturers can not ship remakes or reships by 2nd Day or Next Day air.  Make sure to place your order, receive it and inspect it before hiring a drapery installer. No cash refunds will be given for custom products.

Painting Or Staining Wood Product

Unfinished wood products can be painted. However, unfinished poles may be finger jointed. If you plan on staining a wood pole, please contact us prior to ordering so we can suggest a collection with non-finger-jointed poles.

Natural Bowing With Decorative Wood Drapery Poles

Wood drapery poles may have a slight degree of bowing upon arrival. This is not a defect and may effect any brand of natural wood products. Bowing tolerance is calculated at approximately 1/8" per 2 linear feet.

Your drapery installer will hang your rod with any bow pointed upward within the brackets. The weight of your fabric will even-out the bow over a short time.

Infrequently, you may encounter a pole with a degree of bowing that's outside of tolerance. Should this occur, please create a Problem Report so we can address your issue.

What Happens If There's A Problem Or Delay With My Order And I've Already Hired An Installer?

It's always a good idea to schedule your drapery installation after you have received and inspected your drapery hardware. Don't schedule or hire an installer until you have your hardware at your home and you've had a chance to make sure everything is correct and there was no damage in shipping.

Our published shipping times are "Usually Ships In", not "Always Ships In" - your order may take longer or it may arrive more quickly.

Under no circumstances will we reimburse changes from your drapery installer including trip charges, charges for postponed installations or charges for uninstalling and reinstalling damaged or defective product.

Make sure that you have your drapery hardware at your installation location and that you've carefully inspected it for problems before you schedule your installer.

Brackets For Decorative Hardware

Drapery hardware makers don't weight test decorative treatments; probably because the amount of weight a decorative rod will hold varies depending on the how many and how well you install the brackets. An eight foot pole with two brackets will hold less fabric weight than one with four brackets, for example. And, a pole where the brackets are secured into wood studs will hold more fabric weight than a pole where the brackets are installed into hollow drywall.

Brackets for one brand, style or size pole won't do a "better job" than any other bracket option. You must use your best judgement on how many brackets to use depending on the weight of your fabric. Manufacturers suggest a bracket every three to four linear feet of pole. You may need to use brackets more frequently if your drapes are heavier or if you're using an extended return, like six inch.

Since we are unable to examine your fabric or mounting location - the number of brackets required for your treatment is a decision you'll have make yourself or with your drapery maker or seamstress.

Do You Send Screws With Cusom Product?


We don't know if you're going to install your product into hollow drywall, wood studs, concrete - so, we can't send you screws with your order. Each installation situation requires a different screw style. For example, if you're installing into hollow drywall, you'll need hollow wall anchors that will hold up your hardware and your fabric weight. Since there's no way for us to know that weight limit beforehand, we don't send screws. Some custom manufacturers may include a generic installation packet which may be suitable for some installations, but you should use your own judgement regarding the weight of your fabric. In most cases, you should discard the included hardware and purchase you own that has been weight tested to include the weight of your fabric.

You can purchase the appropriate screws and mounting hardware for your installation type at your local hardware store.  If you have any doubt, please consult with your professional drapery installer.

Component Matching

While some drapery hardware components may work with several collections, we can only guarantee each component will work with other items within their collection. Use caution when mixing-and-matching components from various collections.

Heavy-Duty Cutom Made Rods & Decorative Traverse Rods

Heavy-Duty Cutom Made Rods & Decorative Traverse Rods are a professional grade product. These products install very much like a regular curtain rod and many home owners feel comfortable installing these products themselves. Because Heavy-Duty Cutom Made Rods & Decorative Traverse Rods are professional grade products, we suggest hiring a drapery installer or drapery workroom to install the product. We can answer general installation questions, but we can't provide assistance directly with your installation or provide site-specific installation help because we're unable to examine your installation setting and fabric on-site. Also, please be aware that professional grade, custom cut rods do not come with pre-printed installation instructions. If you are unsure about installing your Heavy-Duty Cutom Made Rods & Decorative Traverse Rods, please consider hiring a drapery installer or drapery workroom to hang the product.

Finials or End Caps for Decorative Traverse Rods may install using small angle irons, not the center Finial or End Cap screw.

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